Advisory Board and Editors Computational Biology

Yonghong Peng

Dr Peng is a Prof of Data Science at the University of Sunderland. He is a Principal Investigator in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology and Medicine, and Principal Data Scientist working on Big Data Integration, Data Mining and Computational Intelligence. Dr Peng's Data Science and BioMedical informatics (DS&BMI) research group focuses on development of integrative data mining approaches to enable systematical analysis of biological data and healthcare data and gain new knowledge from the integration of diverse data sources.

Tomas Perez-Acle

Biologist, Master of Sciences in Biophysics, PhD in Biotechnology. Head Researcher of the Computational Biology Lab (dLab) at Life Sciences Foundation in Chile. Professor at the Center for Interdisciplinary Neurosciences of Valparaíso (Chile), Universidad de Valparaíso, Executive Director of the National Laboratory for High Performance Computing (NLHPC), Universidad de Chile.

George Perry

Fellow of AAAS, Texas Academy Sciences; Linnean Society London; Royal Society Chemistry; Microscopy Society America; Society Biology; Royal College Pathologists; Royal Microscopical Society; International Engineering and Technology Institute. Foreign member Mexican, Portuguese and Spanish Academies of Science. Member of the Dana Foundation and the IberoAmerican Molecular Biology Organization. Past-President of American Association of Neuropathologists and SWARM of AAAS. Study the pathology of neurodegenerative diseases including amyloidosis, metabolism and oxidative stress. Over 70,000 citations, H=132.

Mihaela Pertea

Assistant Professor in the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine at Johns Hopkins University

Linda Petzold

Professor of Computer Science and of Mechanical Engineering, and Director of the Computational Science and Engineering Graduate Emphasis at the University of California Santa Barbara. Member of the US National Academy of Engineering and Fellow of ACM, ASME, SIAM and AAAS. SIAM/ACM Prize for Computational Science and Engineering.

Brett S Phinney

I am currently the director of the UC Davis Genome Center Proteomics Core and I am on the Executive board of the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities ( I obtained my Ph D. in Biology studying viral protein structure using mass spectrometry and did a Post-doc with the noted Mass Spectrometrist Jack Watson at Michigan State University before founding the Proteomics Core there and becoming the co-director of the Michigan State Proteome Consortium

Monica F Poelchau

I am an evolutionary biologist by training, and have experience in population genetics and insect genomics. I am currently a bioinformatics specialist at the USDA National Agricultural Library, where I co-lead the development of an insect genomics database for agricultural use and beyond.

Katherine S. Pollard

Associate Investigator at Gladstone Institutes and Associate Professor in the Institute for Human Genetics and the Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, University of California, San Francisco.

Mihai Pop

Associate professor in the Department of Computer Science and the Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP). Current research interests: metagenomic assembly and analysis algorithms, software testing in bioinformatics, and dynamic models of microbial communities.

Antonella Prisco

Researcher at the Institute of Genetics and Biophysics of the National Research Council.

James B Procter

Founder of the international conference series Visualising Biological Data and principal developer of a widely used platform for interactive data analysis. Serves on a variety of biological and computer science peer review panels and conference program committees.

Thomas Rattei

since 2010 Professor for In Silico Genomics and Vice-Head of Department, Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science, University of Vienna
2010 Habilitation (Venia Legendi) in Bioinformatics at the Faculty Science Center Weihenstephan, TU Munich
2005-2010 Group leader and Assistant professor, Department of Genome Oriented Bioinformatics, Technische Universität München, Germany
2001-2005 Staff Scientist, Department of Genome Oriented Bioinformatics, Technische Universität München, Germany

Thomas Rattei (TR) was appointed at the University of Vienna as a full professor heading CUBE, the Division of Computational Systems Biology, by March 2010. Work and experience of TR cover a wide spectrum of topics from bioinformatics, genome and metagenome analysis and systems biology. He has long-standing expertise in developing and applying computational methods for the interpretation of large-scale sequence information. The international reputation of his research group triggered their involvement in numerous international (meta-) genome sequencing and analysis consortia. The research activities of TR are not only covering individual, project-specific questions but also general problems in bioinformatics, computational infrastructure and large-scale biological databases. Furthermore, his group develops novel computational approaches for studying molecular inter-species interactions, such as between hosts and pathogens, between symbionts or in microbial ecosystems.