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PeerJ Feedback

What do our authors say about us?

A few days after publishing we send our authors a survey asking:

  • How was your experience with us?
  • Would you recommend PeerJ, and why?

A collection of responses are shown below, and on twitter: #PeerJFeedback.


99.4% of published authors surveyed so far (1430+) would recommend PeerJ to a colleague.

I told my colleagues that PeerJ is a journal where they need to publish if they want their paper be published quickly and with the strict peer review expected from a good journal.
Sohath Vanegas, PeerJ Author
I just published at PeerJ and it went really well. They published very quickly and the quality of the peer review was excellent. Actually I have already recommended PeerJ to several colleagues of mine.
PeerJ Author
I would recommend PeerJ over PLOS ONE, both are open source and publish general articles but PeerJ is more affordable and the submission process is much less arduous.
Brandie Wagner, PeerJ Author
Publishing at PeerJ is what academic publishing should be -- a modern user interface with a fast and transparent review process -- all while offering open-access at reasonable prices.
James O'Donnell, PeerJ Author
Journal feature comparison


Since our launch 11 years ago we have quickly earned a reputation as a high-quality publisher that attracts and publishes world-class research.

To see the timeline of our key milestones and events visit our 11 year publishing page.

PeerJ is the best journal I ever dealt with during my career. Its personnel is very friendly, professional and quick in responding. The quality of reviewers comments and ideas was superior, and they came really fast. The quality and speed of article processing before publication was great! I just cannot find anything negative in the work of PeerJ. Good luck and keep on going this way!
Igor Khorozyan, PeerJ Author
Very well organized, very good communication, high quality typesetting, quick review and publication process, enhanced metadata
PeerJ Author
PeerJ is diverse, has papers of excellent quality, they are quick in reviewing and have enormous potential to grow even more in the near future.
PeerJ Author
This is peer review at its finest. The submission was painless, the revisions were constructive, and the publication was effortless. There was no editorial tyranny dictating a change of method - this journal allowed authentic communication of scientist to audience, checking only that the research was done well and there are no factual or logical mistakes. If you ever feel the victim of editorial overreach, of reviewers taking a cursory look at your article and asking too much, demanding you do things that are either outside of your reach or not relevant to the message/finding you wish to convey to your collaborators in the field, this journal is for you. I'm submitting my greatest articles to PeerJ (this article being my greatest yet) - you should do the same!
PeerJ Author
PeerJ's excellent reputation

Peer Review

All the benefits of traditional peer review - detailed, thoughtful, constructive improvement of your work - updated for the 21st century.

I expected it to be a great experience based on colleagues who had published there previously. The reviews and review process, however, was better than I expected. The reviews were very constructive and helpful, and the whole process was easy and transparent. When you work on a project for years, I find it very frustrating when anonymous reviewers or editors casually skim the paper and dismiss or alter the work with little thought. PeerJ reviewing felt more like real scientists trying to improve the end product.
Paul Martin, PeerJ Author
I had heard that it was a really well thought out process so I had high expectations. But even these high expectations were exceeded. The speed and transparency of the review process was far beyond anything I had previously experienced
Andrew Flood, PeerJ Author
I had the best experience at PeerJ. The editor and reviewers gave insightful feedback and helpful comments that really improved the manuscript.
PeerJ Author
The feedback from the reviewers was 1) Very professional and highly beneficial and 2) Totally constructive, and never arrogant.
Pier Cacciali, PeerJ Author
Step-by-step peer-review timeline


30 days to first-decision (across all subjects). Publish quickly without compromising review quality.

I recommend you consider this journal because the publishing is very quick and the peer review is excellent.
PeerJ Author
Much faster and more efficient than I expected! A very professional team.
PeerJ Author
Super fast process, the website was the easiest submission I've ever done!
PeerJ Author
PeerJ is not only dedicated to transparency and scientific discourse during the review process (option to publish submitted draft, reviews, and responses; motivated editors that actively participate in the process) and after acceptance (comment option), but one of the few journals that puts authors first (easy submission, quick and competent handling of manuscripts and problems by the technical staff). Their documentation policy (and capacity) should be a standard in the age of Big Data.
Guido Grimm, PeerJ Author
How do we publish so fast?


You may need to email our editorial staff for assistance. Unlike most other journals, we prioritize author support to guarantee a stress-free publication experience.

The review process was very straight forward and all of the editors and reviewers were very clear in their suggestions. No guessing was needed to figure out what they wanted done. PeerJ staff was always very quick to respond to emails on any topic.
PeerJ Author
I enjoyed the process of publishing my paper with PeerJ. I got good, fair reviews of my submission, the submission website was straightforward, easy to use, the editorial staff was responsive to questions and concerns, and the publication staff was on the ball. The publication process was about as smooth as you could expect.
Wayne Thogmartin, PeerJ Author
I had some personal issues occur during the process and once the publishing team were informed they were very understanding. I did not expect the level of understanding I received, and it made me feel as if the journal was behind me, rather than feeling as if I didn't matter
PeerJ Author
Quick turnaround, well organized and streamlined procedures, and very pleasant interactions with the editorial and production team.
Rudiger Bieler, PeerJ Author
Why is our author support so good?


Our submission system is hand-built to one aim - making your experience as painless, fast and enjoyable as possible.

Take a sneak peek at our submission interface.

PeerJ has an excellent editorial board and refreshing editorial policy, with a slick, interactive and friendly on-line publishing platform
Timothy Stinear, PeerJ Author
We very much appreciated the rapid response time with the peer-review process and conversing with the editorial team. The online submission process was intuitive, informative and well structured.
Anthony Romilio, PeerJ Author
The quality of the peer review was great! The response from the Editor too. The PeerJ article submission platform is simple, clear and logically-designed!
Martina Treurnicht, PeerJ Author
User interface is amazing! Admittedly, there is an extremely low bar for UX among academic journals, but you guys are doing a GREAT job!
James O'Donnell, PeerJ Author
What modern submission looks like

PDF Creation

Our clean and easy-to-read article design is consistently mentioned by our authors, with many citing this as an important reason for choosing to publish with us.

Cost effective way of publishing open access, nice production values, able to monitor progress of paper well and a very good editor!
PeerJ Author
Still the best OA megajournal, because being able to correct in proof remains vital.
Christian Kammerer, PeerJ Author
I just published my paper at PeerJ and it went very very well. They reviewed quickly, published quickly and the final version of my paper looks very good.
He Min Zhang, PeerJ Author
I expected having to provide a lot of useless information as well as deal with a lot of the formatting of the article which PeerJ actually performed themselves which was a relief.
Konstantinos Konstantinidis, PeerJ Author
How to create a beautiful PDF


To maximise the total number of views and citations of your article, you should actively share and engage academics in your work after publication. We help you do this.

The best part about publishing with PeerJ has been the extensive media coverage of our interesting paper which was initiated by PeerJ.
Yisrael Schnytzer, PeerJ Author
The media coverage is huge.
PeerJ Author
I got a thorough review that was fair and improved the paper. I also got over 100 views the day the paper was published.
Evan Palmer-Young, PeerJ Author
Publishing your best work at PeerJ will be the best way to communicate your work to your peers and public.
Shaofei Jin, PeerJ Author
The speed and simple, effective approach was a real winner. I also appreciate that PeerJ does the best to publicise articles widely and help authors use social media to get the word out.
PeerJ Author
What happens after you've published?


Open access articles receive more views and downloads and are accessed for a longer period of time than paywalled articles.

Very quick peer review, with useful constructive comments without trying to assess novelty, leading to the article being accepted and published much quicker than a traditional journal. It was nice that I could knew the identities of the reviewers when responding to the reviewers comments, and that the whole review history is published online.
Dominic Andradi-Brown, PeerJ Author
Greatest journal right now! Great open peer review that promotes objective and constructive scientific development.
Danilo Garcia, PeerJ Author
Despite being relatively new, PeerJ is a very promising journal. It was a great choice for me and with open access, I know my work can have higher visibility and reach.
Sonali Garg, PeerJ Author
PeerJ empowers you as a researcher: no unnecessary delays, easy submission, open peer review option... a truly innovative approach to OA.
Chris Hartgerink, PeerJ Author
Why is open publishing great for you?


PeerJ's reviewing platform makes robust review a straightforward process.

This is a very innovative and efficient academic publication venue.
Frank Lu, PeerJ Author
A more flexible approach to processing manuscripts that relies less on online authoritarianism
PeerJ Author
It may seem a different model but definitely go for it.
Aine Gormley-Gallagher, PeerJ Author
To my limited knowledge, PeerJ is a new concept of peer-reviewed publishing that is not only free for readers, but also free for authors after a small one-time individual membership fee and one review or comment annually which most scientists would happily volunteer anyway. PeerJ might have set the future direction of scientific publication.
Eric Su, PeerJ Author
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We want to make publishing as cost-effective as possible. Through the use of modern efficient workflows and new technology we are able to offer a better service at a lower cost than all comparative journals.

One of the cheapest. Open access. Fast. Also the submission interface works much better than some of those old javascript train wrecks you see on other journals.
Lucas Sinclair, PeerJ Author
Open access at a fair price and good quality journal
Jan Veenstra, PeerJ Author
Like a lot of other open access, but half the price, and they allow submissions in LaTeX.
PeerJ Author
It's great to have an open access option that is not prohibitively expensive.
Scott Roy, PeerJ Author
How does PeerJ charge less than other journals?