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Wolfgang Banzhaf

Wolfgang Banzhaf is University Research Professor at the Department of Computer Science of Memorial U. of Newfoundland. He received a "Diplom in Physik" degree in Physics from the LMU Munich and his Dr.rer.nat (PhD) from the Dept. of Physics of the TH Karlsruhe, now KIT. After a postdoc at the U. of Stuttgart, he was a Visiting and Senior Researcher at the Central Research Lab of Mitsubishi Electric in Japan and at MERL in Cambridge, USA. From 1993 to 2003 he was Assoc. Prof. for Appl. CS at TU Dortmund.

Mario Luca Bernardi

I received the Laurea degree in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Naples Federico II, Italy, in 2003 and the Ph.D. degree in Information Engineering from the University of Sannio in 2007.

Since 2003 I have worked as a researcher in the field of software engineering writing more than 60 papers published in journals and conference proceedings. My main research interests include software maintenance and testing, software reuse, software reverse engineering, and re-engineering, with a particular interest in software modularization.
I also served both as a member of the program and organizing committees of several international conferences, and as a reviewer of papers submitted to some of the main journals and magazines in the field of data and process mining, software engineering, software maintenance, program comprehension, and the application of computational intelligence approaches in the above fields.
Currently, I am an Assistant Professor at Giustino Fortunato University, holding the courses of "Foundations of Computer Science" and "Software Systems and Services" for the Avionics Science and Technologies master degree.

Léon Bottou

Léon's primary research interest is machine learning. His contributions to this field address theory, algorithms and large scale applications. Léon's secondary research interest is data compression and coding. His best known contributions are his work on large scale learning and on the DjVu document compression technology. He is serving or has served on the boards of the Journal of Machine Learning Research, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine and Pattern Recognition Letters.

Swagatam Das

Assistant professor at the Electronics and Communication Sciences Unit of Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. Published more than 200 research articles in peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Is the founding co-editor-in-chief of “Swarm and Evolutionary Computation”, an international journal from Elsevier. Also serves as associate editors of the IEEE Trans. on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine and Information Sciences (Elsevier).

Peter Denning

Distinguished professor of computer science at Naval Postgraduate School. Past president of ACM. Past editor in chief of Communications of ACM. Currently editor of ACM Ubiquity. Author of ten books, most recent Great Principles of Computing (MIT Press 2015). Author of over four hundred scientific papers and articles.

Mario A. T. Figueiredo

Mário Figueiredo is a Professor of electrical and computer engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, and group leader at Instituto de Telecomunicações. His research interests include image processing/analysis, machine learning, and optimization. A Fellow of the IEEE and the IAPR, he received the 2011 IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Paper Award, the 2014 IEEE W. R. G. Baker Award, and his name is included in the Thomson Reuters' Highly Cited Researchers list.

Nikolaus Hansen

Senior researcher (director of research). Main research interests include stochastic optimization algorithms, learning and adaptation in optimization, development and assessment of continuous black-box optimization algorithms that are applicable in practice.

Jin-Kao Hao

Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Université d'Angers (France); Senior Fellow of the French "Institut Universitaire de France", Working on computational methods for large scale and complex combinatorial optimization problems.

Jin-Kao Hao holds a full Professor position in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Angers (France) since 1999. He becomes Distinguished Professor (Professeur de classe exceptionnelle - PR CE1 in 2010, nominated by the National Council of Universities - CNU 27, last level PR CE2 since 2013). In 2015, he was nominated as Senior Fellow of the Institut Universitaire de France. He was the Director of the LERIA Laboratory (2003-2015) (Angers Computer Science Lab) and the founder of the research group "Metaheuristics, Optimization and Applications". Before joining the University of Angers, he has been an Associate Professor at the National Higher Engineering School "Ecole des Mines d'Ales" (EERIE Campus at Nîmes) and head of the "Constraints and Heuristics" research group until September 1999. He is the holder of the French National Research and Doctoral Supervision Bonus (PEDR) and the Research Excellence Bonus (PES).

Enrique Herrera-Viedma

Member of the BoG in IEEE SMC. Associate Editor of several ISI journals: IEEE TSMC, Systems; Knosys; Soft Comp.; Applied Soft Comp., J. of Intillegent Fuzzy Syst.; Fuzzy Opt. and Dec. Making, and Inf. Science. h-index is 45 and over 7500 citations (WoS). Highly Cited Researcher(Thom. Reu) and Top Author in Computer Science according to the Microsoft Acad. Interest: computing with words, fuzzy decision making, consensus, aggregation, social media, recommender systems, libraries, bibliometrics.

Nick Higham

My research is largely concerned with the development and analysis of algorithms in numerical linear algebra. The second edition of my monograph on this topic was published by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) in 2002. My other books include Functions of Matrices: Theory and Computation (SIAM, 2008) and The Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics (2015), of which I am editor. I am a Fellow of the Royal Society, a SIAM Fellow, and a Member of Academia Europaea. I blog at

Yaochu Jin

Professor of Computational Intelligence, University of Surrey, UK, Finland Distinguished Professor, Jyvaskyla, Finland, Changjiang Distinguished Professor, Northeastern University, China. Vice President for Technical Activities, IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer.

Graham Kendall

Professor of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham (UK). Currently the Vice-Provost (Research and Knowledge Transfer) at our campus in Malaysia. I am a member of the Automated Scheduling, Optimisation and Planning (ASAP) Research Group. My interests include Operational Research, Evolutionary Computing, Scheduling (particularly sports scheduling), Timetabling and Games (both games in the usual sense of the word as well as mathematical games such as the Iterated Prisoners Dilemma).