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Wolfgang Banzhaf


Wolfgang Banzhaf is a professor in the Department of Computer Science of Memorial U. of Newfoundland. He received a "Diplom in Physik" degree in Physics from the LMU Munich and his Dr.rer.nat (PhD) from the Dept. of Physics of the TH Karlsruhe, now KIT. After a postdoc at the U. of Stuttgart, he was a Visiting and Senior Researcher at the Central Research Lab of Mitsubishi Electric in Japan and at MERL in Cambridge, USA. From 1993 to 2003 he was Assoc. Prof. for Appl. CS at TU Dortmund.

Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems Artificial Intelligence Autonomous Systems Data Mining & Machine Learning Emerging Technologies Evolutionary Studies Network Science & Online Social Networks Optimization Theory & Computation

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Memorial University of Newfoundland
Department of Computer Science