Advisory Board and Editors Epidemiology

Dorothy D. Dunlop

Professor of Medicine and Preventive Medicine, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University. Fellow of the Gerontology Society of America.

Mark C Enright

2015 – date Professor of Medical Microbiology, School of Healthcare Sciences, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
2013 – 2015 Consultant and Lead advisor to Synthetic Genomics Vaccine Inc. La Jolla, CA. USA
2011 – 2014 Visiting Professor, University of Bath, UK
2010 – 2012 Research Director, AmpliPhi Biosciences Corporation, Sharnbrook, UK and Virginia BioTechnology Research Park, Richmond, USA
2008 – 2010 Director, Intelligent Fabric Technologies PLC
2005 – 2010 Reader then Professor, Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London, UK
2000 – 2005 Reader / Senior research fellow, University of Bath, UK
1997 - 2000 Postdoctoral research fellow - University of Oxford, UK

D. Gareth Evans

Has published 484 peer reviewed research publications; 182 as first or senior author, with over 100 on neurofibromatosis. Lead a successful bid for a Nationally funded NF2 service (_7.5 million pa) that started in 2010 and is involved in the national complex NF1 service

Dina M Fonseca

Professor of Entomology, teaches courses in Medical and Veterinary Entomology and Population Genetics, researches the ecology and evolution of invasive species and does extension research on ways to control invasive mosquitoes. B.S. in Biology and Geology from the University of Coimbra, Portugal, Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolution from the University of Pennsylvania, USA. Geneticist at the Smithsonian where she is still a Research Associate, then Assistant Curator at the Academy of Natural Sciences, joined Rutgers University in 2007.

Alex W. Friedrich

Professor and Chair of Medical Microbiology and Head of the Department of Medical Microbiology and Infection Control of the University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands. Recipient of the Robert Koch - Young Investigators Award 2010.

Jason M.R. Gill

Reader in Exercise and Metabolic Health in the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences at the University of Glasgow. Lead an active multi-disciplinary research group investigating the effects of exercise and diet on the prevention and management of vascular and metabolic diseases from the molecular to the whole-body level. Major research interests include: why certain population groups appear to be particularly susceptible to the adverse effects of a ‘Westernised’ lifestyle, and how lifestyle interventions can modulate this excess risk; the interactions between physical activity, energy balance, body fatness and disease risk; and the mechanisms by which exercise regulates lipoprotein metabolism. Member of the NICE guidelines update committee for prevention of type 2 diabetes, and was member of development groups for the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) guidelines for the prevention and treatment of obesity and for prevention of cardiovascular disease. Past Chair of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) Division of Physical Activity for Health and Fellow of BASES. Director of the MSc programme in Sport and Exercise Science & Medicine at the University of Glasgow.

Andrew R Gray

Consulting biostatistician in the Division of Health Sciences at the University of Otago. In this role, I provide biostatistical expertise to a wide range of researchers on a large number of projects. Much of this is through collaborative relationships as a co-investigator with the remainder through more informal consulting relationships. I have particular interests in obesity research, especially in pediatric populations; nuts as a functional food; respiratory epidemiology; and sun protection. Prior to my current position I was a software metrics and machine learning researcher in the Department of Information Science at the same institution.

Yuming Guo

Dr Yuming Guo is an Associate Professor and NHMRC Career Development Fellow, at Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine in Monash Univeristy. He is interested in assessing the associations between environmental exposures (e.g., air pollution and weather) and human health using advanced statistical models. He leads and participates in analyses for several international collaborations and, in this capacity, liaises with scientists with diverse perspectives to encourage multidisciplinary approaches to problem-solving. He has been awarded best environmental epidemiology paper by international society for environmental epidemiology, and best young investigator by The Lancet-Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences committee. He is an adjunct professor at University of Oulu, Finland and Jinan University (Guangzhou), China.

Jari K Haukka

8/2009 -present Senior Lecturer, University of Helsinki
4/2011 - 1/2017 Chief Science Officer, Chair of the Board, EPID Research Oy
4/2010 - present Member of National Subcommittee on Medical Research Ethics
4/2010 - 3/2011 Chief Executive Officer, EPID Research Oy
10/1988 - 11/2016 Senior Scientist, The National Institute of Health and Welfare, Finland
5/2008 - 5/2009 Scientist, Team leader, International Agency for Researcher on Cancer (WHO/IARC), Lyon France
1/2008 - 8/2008 Professor of biometry, University of Tampere
2006 - 2007 Senior Scientist, National Institute of Public Health, Finland
2005 Team Leader, Epidemiologist, Geneos Oy
2003 - 2005 Head, Finnish Information Centre for Register Research
1999 - 2003 Senior Scientist, National Institute of Public Health
1988 - 1999 Senior Scientist, Statistician, National Institute of Public Health
1985 - 1988 Soil Biologist, MTT Agrifood Research Finland, Jokioinen
1985 - 1986 Programmer, MTT Agrifood Research Finland

Joachim Heinrich

Joachim Heinrich is an epidemiologist and Director of the Institute of Epidemiology I at Helmholtzzentrum München, The German Research Centre for Environmental Health. He has authored more than 500 publications and has been involved in numerous national and international epidemiological research projects examining a broad spectrum of common chronic diseases, specifically the relationship between air pollution and respiratory health.

Abdullatif Husseini

Abdullatif Husseini, Ph.D., MPH, MS is currently an Associate Professor of Public Health and director of the master of Community and Public Health Program at the Birzeit University. He received his MS in life sciences from Indiana State University, his MPH from the University of Wales, and his Ph.D. in epidemiology and preventive medicine from the University of Oslo, Norway. Dr. Husseini research interests include epidemiology of non-communicable diseases and their risk factors and public health in emergencies. His publications in peer reviewed journals covered various topics, including diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity, among other important public health issues in the region. He led and participated in various research projects. Dr. Husseini taught different graduate and the undergraduate courses including: classical epidemiology, advanced epidemiology, research methods, and introduction to public health Dr. Husseini is a tenured associate professor at Birzeit University.

Philip H. Kass

Philip Kass received his DVM in 1983; Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine in 1984, MS in Statistics in 1988, and PhD in Epidemiology in 1990. His post-doc was at UCLA under Dr. Sander Greenland. Currently Professor of Analytic Epidemiology at the School of Veterinary Medicine and School of Medicine at the University of California, Davis, Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, and is the former Chair of the Department of Population Health and Reproduction.