PeerJ Benefits

A modern scholarly publishing experience

When you publish, review, or work as an editor in PeerJ, PeerJ Computer Science, or PeerJ Preprints then you've given us your trust. We hope to earn that trust over and over again by providing you with an outstanding experience and list of benefits fit for the 21st Century.


Being indexed and discoverable is critical to our authors. PeerJ's journals are indexed where your colleagues are looking; for example PubMed, Web of Science, and Google Scholar.

It doesn't end there though. With the way people find new research today a journal's publications must be machine-readable in multiple formats and continuously improved. Rapid and continuous development is one reason we've built PeerJ from scratch in-house.


Due to PeerJ's high visibility and reach, authors can be certain that good research will be noticed and cited. How do you know PeerJ publications are highly visible? The biomedical journal PeerJ will be receiving an early impact factor in 2015. And while we believe than any individual article needs to be measured on its own merits rather than the journal that it is published in, we do know that authors need some indication that a journal has the ability to reach colleagues in their field. By offering article level metrics we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone see the number of visitors, views and downloads an article has received.


We recognized that authors want decisions quickly, and readers do not want to sacrifice quality. That can be a tricky balance, but at just 26 days to first decision (median of all disciplines) you can be certain you'll get what you're after. We've accomplished this by 1) building a set of internal tools for editors, reviewers, and staff and 2) maintaining a large prestigious editorial board to lighten everyone's load.

Author page proofs - for free

Author page proofs mean that you and our editorial staff are able to spot any last minute errors, for example typos, before publication. PeerJ is one of the few Open Access multi-disciplinary publishers to offer this service.


We respect that there are many routes to publication. To help make our submission process fit with our authors' workflow, we welcome submissions directly from external services. We have a "one click" submission route from bioRxiv, Overleaf, and Peerage of Science and we encourage authors to take advantage of these linkups.

PeerJ is also happy to use prior peer reviews that have been conducted on a manuscript (for example if it was reviewed by another journal). Doing so can often increase the speed of our decision, and reduce additional rounds of review.

Learn more on how to transfer your submission or peer reviews in our author instructions.


The 1,000+ PeerJ editors and advisors and 300+ PeerJ Computer Science editorial board includes five Nobel Laureates and some of the most accomplished names in their respective fields. Having such a large and respected editorial board means that each manuscript will receive more attention, be processed more quickly, and ultimately be trusted more by your peers.

Credit for your work

We help our authors gain media coverage for their work by helping to write and distribute the final press release. PeerJ articles have been picked up by the world's leading press.

You should also be recognized for contributions whether you're an author, editor, or reviewer. PeerJ is one of the first publishers to give visible and citable credit to editors and reviewers for each contribution made. We do this by attaching DOIs to any optionally signed reviews and have built a resource for editors and reviewers to point others to.


All publications are under the CC BY license, which means maximum distribution for your work while you retain copyright and attribution. And since authors and reviewers have the option to make the review history public it means PeerJ is one of the best resources for learning how to improve a manuscript before it is submitted and how to properly review a manuscript. That translates to an improved experience for everyone involved.

Award-winning experience and support

PeerJ has won multiple awards because we care deeply about the overall experience for authors, editors, reviewers, readers, librarians and our own staff. Check out some of PeerJ's reviews and awards.

We take customer support seriously and aim to have your problem resolved within a few hours. Everyone, including PeerJ's co-founders, chips in to help on support emails and questions. This helps all of us keep our ears low to the ground, so that every member of staff knows what the issues are for authors, editors, and reviewers.

Modern tools

Not everyone needs it, but for those who do or want it, we aim to provide you with a suite of tools to enhance your reach both before and after publishing. For instance, on any publication we'll show you not just how many citations, downloads, and visitors you have, but also where those visitors are coming from, which may help you learn more about who's interested in your research.

And rather than just tack on a blog like commenting system, we've built an entirely new way to interact and provide rich, structured feedback, ask questions, and add media links to any publication.