Prepaid Publishing at PeerJ

Publish for free if your institution has a publishing arrangement with us

How it works

1. Find your institution
Find out if your institution has a prepaid publishing plan. If it does you may be eligible for free publishing.
2. Check how to claim
Your institution will have a specific claim process. Learn how to claim before you submit.
3. Submit your article
Submit to one of the PeerJ journals for peer-review. Your publishing fees will be covered by your institution.


How do institutional arrangements work?
Institutions deposit funds in their prepaid publishing account. Submit your manuscript and complete the claim process (e.g. identification via your institutional email). Funds from your institution's publishing account will then be used to cover your publishing fees.
How does the Article Processing Charge (APC) work?
The prepaid Article Processing Charge (APC) is $1,395 for all PeerJ journals. Authors do not need PeerJ memberships if you choose to pay with an APC.
Who manages the payment?
The author who submitted the manuscript requests the funding, which covers all charges for your manuscript.