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Senior researcher benefits

PeerJ is a great option for senior researchers

Use your power

As a senior researcher you are in a unique position to help improve the way science is published
  • Open access publishing democratises access to the scientific literature.
  • You can lead the way by championing Open Access journal publishing within your team.
  • Help address the reproducibility crisis through the publication of supporting data (open data), publishing replication experiments, and negative or inconclusive results.
  • Read our recent blog post to learn more about these issues, and the Bullied into bad science campaign.

Broaden your audience

PeerJ's multidisciplinary nature offers you a great opportunity to reach new academics
  • Your article will be read by more academics in a broader range of subjects.
  • Publishing in 228 subject areas so a great fit for multi and interdisciplinary research.
  • 10.5M views and downloads (500,000+ monthly visitors).
  • 26k+ researchers subscribed to PeerJ article alerts.

Streamlined submission

Our submission system is optimized for speed and ease of use.
  • Built with modern web technologies.
  • Continuously improved and enhanced with usability and speed improvements.
  • Succinct, useful checklists for each section.
  • LaTeX submissions encouraged.
  • 'One click' submission supported from bioRxiv, Overleaf, and Peerage of Science.
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Efficient review

PeerJ's reviewing platform makes robust review a straightforward process.
  • Reviewers are asked to submit their reviews 10 to 14 days after accepting to review.
  • Continuing innovation in reviewer-matching tools for editors.
  • Best-practice guidance and support for reviewers.
  • Smooth, pain-free review submission interface.
  • Helpful, personable email updates keep you, your editor, and your reviewers on track and on time!
  • A suite of innovative tools enable our editorial staff to handle articles with more care and focus, whilst delivering tremendous efficiency gains.

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