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2 Chemistry Awards

To celebrate the launch of the new journals.

  • Submit your article to any PeerJ Chemistry journal before 31 Dec 2019.
  • Open to peer-reviewed and preprint submissions.
  • $5,000 cash prizes.
  • Monthly raffle for all submissions.

Outstanding Manuscript
Awarded on overall quality and innovation of research.
$2,500 award.
Open Science
Awarded to Dominik Loy.

Get your research judged by an influential panel of chemistry experts, raise the visibility of your work, demonstrate transparency in science and receive the rewards that all too often go unacknowledged.

Bruce Beutler
Nobel Laureate and PeerJ Advisory Board Member
Kurt Wüthrich
Nobel Laureate and PeerJ Advisory Board Member
Victoria Samanidou
PeerJ Chemistry Editorial Board Member
How to enter
  • Submit your article (peer-reviewed or preprint) to any PeerJ Chemistry journal before 30 Sept 2019.
  • After submission any listed author can submit your article for consideration:
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