PeerJ celebrates first chemistry publications and announces recipient of PeerJ Chemistry Open Science ECR Award

We are thrilled to announce that today we publish the first peer-reviewed articles in our chemistry journals. These five new chemistry journals are meeting the growing demand for affordable open access options. To celebrate this landmark, we are thrilled to announce the first recipient of the PeerJ Chemistry Award Open Science ECR Award, Dominik Loy. Congratulations, Dominik!

It is an exciting day at PeerJ! After nearly seven years as a fully open access publisher of peer-reviewed academic journals in biology, health, environmental and computer sciences, we are excited to publish our first peer-reviewed articles in chemistry. Launched earlier this year, the five new journal titles covering chemistry include ‘PeerJ Physical Chemistry’, ‘PeerJ Organic Chemistry’, ‘PeerJ Inorganic Chemistry’, ‘PeerJ Analytical Chemistry’, andPeerJ Materials Science’ You can view the new papers and the Editorial Boards for each of these new journals at 

PeerJ Chemistry Awards

To celebrate our first chemistry publications day, we are eager to announce that the recipient of the inaugural PeerJ Chemistry Open Science ECR Award is Dominik Loy from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München for his co-authored manuscript, ‘A microfluidic approach for sequential assembly of siRNA polyplexes with a defined structure-activity relationship‘, which is also published today. Congratulations, Dominik! Stay tuned for more about the awardee and his work in the coming weeks.

Alongside the Open Science ECR Award, our esteemed judging panel will be selecting an ‘Outstanding Manuscript’ to be awarded a cash prize of $2500, which will be decided early next year. All manuscripts submitted to one of the five chemistry journals before 31 Dec 2019 will be eligible for this award so we encourage you to submit before then!

A look at today’s PeerJ Chemistry content…

Like our other journals, we will be publishing five days a week to ensure no further delays in the publishing process. The five new journals now sit alongside PeerJ’s other two renowned publications PeerJ – the Journal of Life and Environmental Sciences and PeerJ Computer Science, which are both indexed in Web of Science’s Science Citation Index database.

We are waiving all article processing charges in 2019 to our chemistry journals, which means it is entirely free to submit, receive peer review, and publish open access in these titles. The new chemistry journals will operate in exactly the same way as other PeerJ content – all articles will be published through CC BY licensing meaning that anyone can read and re-use the articles entirely for free, ensuring full compliance with funder mandates and high visibility.

“The launch of our PeerJ Chemistry titles is an important milestone in PeerJ’s expansion, allowing us to widen the research community we serve,” said Jason Hoyt, CEO of PeerJ. “We have been publishing high-quality research in biology for nearly seven years and the call from chemistry researchers for affordable open access and efficient peer review has been loud. Expanding our academic journal portfolio to seven titles is an exciting time for the company.”

“The launch of our PeerJ Chemistry titles is an important milestone in PeerJ’s expansion, allowing us to widen the research community we serve” – Jason Hoyt, CEO of PeerJ

By publishing multidisciplinary open access research across many different chemistry subject areas, the chemistry journals provide a new space for chemistry researchers to publish and interact. PeerJ intends to work closely with its esteemed editorial board and the wider chemistry community to help shape the journal as it grows.

Over 150 Academic Editors have joined the Editorial Boards to ensure rigorous peer review is overseen by leading experts in these fields. Adding to its existing journals which cover Life & Environmental Sciences, and Computer Science, this expansion presents a significant opportunity to increase the availability of chemistry research as well as broadening the affordable publishing options for chemistry researchers. 

“We are very excited to have an outstanding Editorial Board made up of experienced researchers in chemistry who will be responsible for overseeing the peer-review and editorial decisions for these new titles. By launching these journals at this time we are providing chemists with an important new venue to publish their work in a format that maximizes reach and reuse,” said Peter Binfield, Publisher of PeerJ.

“We are providing chemists with an important new venue to publish their work in a format that maximizes reach and reuse” – Peter Binfield, Publisher of PeerJ

To read the chemistry articles published today and for more information about the Academic Editors of the five new journals, visit