Roundup of 2022 PeerJ Award winners!

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2022 PeerJ Award Winners

2022 saw global travel – and therefore national/international conferences – opening up in a way not seen for over two years. It will have been the first opportunity for many to attend in person meetings, although many have also continued to embrace the ease and functionality provided by hybrid conferences, a trend we expect many organisers to persevere with in our “new normal”. PeerJ Awards were given at 29 separate conferences – more than ever before! Researchers were rewarded for outstanding presentations on topics including carbon-capture chemistry, abrasion resistance in digging ants, and the fossilisation of brains. Each winner received a free publication in a PeerJ journal of their choice (subject to peer review).

PeerJ Awards are aimed primarily at supporting Students and Early Career Researchers (ECRs). If you are organizing a conference in 2023 or 2024 and would like to present a PeerJ Award at your meeting, please feel free to get in touch by emailing

Congratulations to all winners from The PeerJ Team



Theresa Appleson – WSeS-10
Dario Barreiro-Lage – WATOC 2020
Korryn Bodner – SORTEE 2022
Silas Bossert – SORTEE 2022
Megan Brauner – AMSS 2022
Simone Brito de Jesus – 18IMCO
Cesar Augusto Bruning – ICCST-15
Gizay Ceylan – ECVP 2022




Bethan Clark – Euro Evo Devo 2022
Leander Crocker – WSeS-9
Katja Sophia Czisi – WATOC 2020
Ancois de Villiers – Medecos 2022
Elisa Dell’Aglio – Holobiont 2022
Matt Dempsey – NHM Student Conference
Ana Carolina Diaz – 4CAM
Alexandra Fernandes – EAVP



Maxime Ferrer – WATOC 2020
Franziska Fiest – ABCC 2022
Simone Gallarati – WATOC 2020
Andrea Ghiani – ECVP 2022
Sandra Gómez – WATOC 2020
Thomas Howlett – DFW Local Section Meeting in Miniature
Inigo Iribarren – WATOC 2020
Nomthi Khanyile – Holobiont 2022



Manjinder Kour – WATOC 2020
Pei-Chen Kuo – EAVP 2022
Robert Macdonald – ProgPal 2022
Giulia Magni – FISV Congress
Thea Mainprize -NHM Student Conference
Małgorzata Marć – WSeS-9
Leonora Martínez-Nunez – VIZBI 2022
Kyle-Mark Middleton – ABCC 2022




Lucina Migliarini – 4CAM
Mol Mir – VIZBI 2022
Maximillian Mörchen – WATOC 2020
Alexandra Morton-Hayward – ProgPal 2022
Luke Noble – QMB Conference
Addie Norgaard – AMSS 2022
Kimberly Ovitz – AMSS 2022
Agata Pacuła-Miszewska – WSeS-10




Irene Petrizzo – ECVP 2022
Malin Pinsky – IBS 2022
Patricia Piskulich – ESEB 2022
Vanice Rodrigues Poester – ICCST-15
Patrice Pottier – SORTEE 2022
Viki Kumar Prasad – WATOC 2020
Shahir Ramndit – ABCC 2022
James Rawson – ProgPal 2022




James Rule – SVPCA 2022
Matteo Sabastianelli – ABCC 2022
Yuta Sato – RiTA 2022
Rebecca Senft – USSI Congress 2022
Alexandria Sletten – AMSS 2022
Julia Stone – ACS 2022
Sergio Peréz Tabero – WATOC 2020
Hamed Taherdoost – MLIS 2022




Hillary Thalmann – AMSS 2022
Morgan Thomas – UK-QSAR Autumn Meeting
Brian Ulaski – AMSS 2022
Elisabeth Van der Hulst – ECVP 2022
Daniel Windred – ACS 2022
Alicja Witwicka – IUSSI Congress 2022
Luciana Yaginuma – 18IMCO
Zixiao Yang – SVPCA 2022



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By teaming up with a number of conferences to offer PeerJ Awards, we are making it as easy as possible for organizers to reward excellence in science, support students and early career researchers, and signal to the wider research community that open science is better science. If you are a conference organizer and would like to offer a PeerJ award at your meeting, please get in contact via



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