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Computer modelling the conformers of the ATP binding loop of Na+/K+-ATPase

In this article, researchers have provided the first report on the existence of three conformers of the big cytoplasmic loop binding ATP.

Biochemistry Bioinformatics Biophysics Computational Biology Computational Science
Gracian Tejral, Bruno Sopko, Alois Necas, Wilhelm Schoner, Evzen Amler
30 March
Comparative proteomics of Rhizopus delemar ATCC 20344 unravels the role of amino acid catabolism in fumarate accumulation
Biochemistry Bioinformatics Biotechnology Microbiology
1 views · 1 downloads
Dorett I. Odoni, Juan A. Tamayo-Ramos, Jasper Sloothaak, Ruben G.A. van Heck, Vitor A.P. Martins dos Santos, Leo H. de Graaff, Maria Suarez-Diez, Peter J. Schaap
30 March
Metagenomic analysis exploring taxonomic and functional diversity of soil microbial communities in Chilean vineyards and surrounding native forests
Agricultural Science Biodiversity Ecology Coupled Natural and Human Systems
2 views · 4 downloads
Luis E. Castañeda, Olga Barbosa
30 March
Mountain colonisation, miniaturisation and ecological evolution in a radiation of direct-developing New Guinea Frogs (Choerophryne, Microhylidae)
Biodiversity Biogeography Taxonomy
1 views · 1 downloads
Paul M. Oliver, Amy Iannella, Stephen J. Richards, Michael S.Y. Lee
30 March
17β-estradiol upregulates oxytocin and the oxytocin receptor in C2C12 myotubes
Cell Biology Molecular Biology Veterinary Medicine
1 views · 1 downloads
Enrica Berio, Sara Divari, Laura Starvaggi Cucuzza, Bartolomeo Biolatti, Francesca Tiziana Cannizzo
30 March
Influences of ABO blood group, age and gender on plasma coagulation factor VIII, fibrinogen, von Willebrand factor and ADAMTS13 levels in a Chinese population
Biochemistry Global Health Hematology Translational Medicine
Zongkui Wang, Miaomiao Dou, Xi Du, Li Ma, Pan Sun, Haijun Cao, Shengliang Ye, Peng Jiang, Fengjuan Liu, Fangzhao Lin, Rong Zhang, Changqing Li
30 March
Molecular identification and expression patterns of odorant binding protein and chemosensory protein genes in Athetis lepigone (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
Entomology Genomics Molecular Biology
Ya-Nan Zhang, Xiu-Yun Zhu, Ji-Fang Ma, Zhi-Ping Dong, Ji-Wei Xu, Ke Kang, Long-Wa Zhang
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9 January, 2014
PhyloSift: phylogenetic analysis of genomes and metagenomes
Bioinformatics Computational Biology Evolutionary Studies Genomics Microbiology
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Aaron E. Darling, Guillaume Jospin, Eric Lowe, Frederick A. Matsen IV, Holly M. Bik, Jonathan A. Eisen
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Xavier A. Harrison
23 February, 2016
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19 February, 2013
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Francesco Asnicar, George Weingart, Timothy L. Tickle, Curtis Huttenhower, Nicola Segata
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