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Estimating common dolphin bycatch in the pole-and-line tuna fishery in the Azores

Based on data from 1998 to 2012, researchers investigated the influence of various environmental and fisheries-related factors in common dolphin bycatch.

Aquaculture Fisheries and Fish Science Conservation Biology Ecology Marine Biology
Maria João Cruz, Miguel Machete, Gui Menezes, Emer Rogan, Mónica A. Silva
16 February
Seroprevalence of hepatitis B virus in Taiwan 30 years after the commencement of the national vaccination program
Epidemiology Gastroenterology and Hepatology Global Health Infectious Diseases Public Health
92 views · 8 downloads
Yang-Cheng Hu, Chih-Ching Yeh, Ruey-Yu Chen, Chien-Tien Su, Wen-Chang Wang, Chyi-Huey Bai, Chi-Fei Chan, Fu Hsiung Su
16 February
High-resolution modeling of thermal thresholds and environmental influences on coral bleaching for local and regional reef management
Biodiversity Conservation Biology Ecology Marine Biology Climate Change Biology
85 views · 12 downloads
Naoki H. Kumagai, Hiroya Yamano
16 February
Postnatal depression is associated with detrimental life-long and multi-generational impacts on relationship quality
Anthropology Evolutionary Studies Psychiatry and Psychology Public Health Women’s Health
273 views · 18 downloads
Sarah Myers, Sarah E. Johns
16 February
Morphometric analysis of a triple negative breast cancer cell line in hydrogel and monolayer culture environments
Cell Biology Anatomy and Physiology Oncology Pathology Histology
60 views · 13 downloads
Manasi P. Jogalekar, Elba E. Serrano
15 February
Optimization of antioxidative peptides from mackerel (Pneumatophorus japonicus) viscera
Food Science and Technology Marine Biology
79 views · 12 downloads
Xueqin Wang, Huahua Yu, Ronge Xing, Xiaolin Chen, Song Liu, Pengcheng Li
15 February
Vector competence of selected North American Anopheles and Culex mosquitoes for Zika virus
Entomology Parasitology Virology Infectious Diseases Public Health
341 views · 30 downloads
Brittany L. Dodson, Sujit Pujhari, Jason L. Rasgon
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18 October, 2016
VSEARCH: a versatile open source tool for metagenomics
Biodiversity Bioinformatics Computational Biology Genomics Microbiology
138 citations · 7,272 views · 1,351 downloads
Torbjørn Rognes, Tomáš Flouri, Ben Nichols, Christopher Quince, Frédéric Mahé
19 June, 2014
scikit-image: image processing in Python
Bioinformatics Computational Biology Computational Science Human-Computer Interaction Science and Medical Education
206 citations · 52,511 views · 8,703 downloads
Stéfan van der Walt, Johannes L. Schönberger, Juan Nunez-Iglesias, François Boulogne, Joshua D. Warner, Neil Yager, Emmanuelle Gouillart, Tony Yu
4 March, 2014
Poppr: an R package for genetic analysis of populations with clonal, partially clonal, and/or sexual reproduction
Bioinformatics Genetics Microbiology Mycology Computational Science
217 citations · 17,184 views · 2,570 downloads
Zhian N. Kamvar, Javier F. Tabima, Niklaus J. Grünwald
9 October, 2014
Using observation-level random effects to model overdispersion in count data in ecology and evolution
Ecology Evolutionary Studies Statistics
162 citations · 11,159 views · 2,979 downloads
Xavier A. Harrison
25 September, 2014
Swarm: robust and fast clustering method for amplicon-based studies
Biodiversity Bioinformatics Ecology Microbiology Molecular Biology
115 citations · 10,926 views · 1,591 downloads
Frédéric Mahé, Torbjørn Rognes, Christopher Quince, Colomban de Vargas, Micah Dunthorn
8 October, 2015
Anvi’o: an advanced analysis and visualization platform for ‘omics data
Bioinformatics Biotechnology Computational Biology Genomics Microbiology
70 citations · 13,494 views · 2,195 downloads
A. Murat Eren, Özcan C. Esen, Christopher Quince, Joseph H. Vineis, Hilary G. Morrison, Mitchell L. Sogin, Tom O. Delmont
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