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Ancient petrified salamander reveals its last meal

Researchers identify frog bones within the stomach of a 35 million year old 'mummified' salamander fossil using advanced x-ray imaging techniques. At least six kinds of organs are preserved in almost perfect condition.

Paleontology Zoology
Jérémy Tissier, Jean-Claude Rage, Michel Laurin
20 October
Effects of GnRHa treatment during vitellogenesis on the reproductive physiology of thermally challenged female Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
Aquaculture, Fisheries and Fish Science Molecular Biology
144 views · 23 downloads
Kelli Anderson, Ned Pankhurst, Harry King, Abigail Elizur
20 October
Influence of current climate, historical climate stability and topography on species richness and endemism in Mesoamerican geophyte plants
Biodiversity Biogeography Ecology Environmental Sciences Plant Science
149 views · 26 downloads
Victoria Sosa, Israel Loera
20 October
The benefits of Tai Chi and brisk walking for cognitive function and fitness in older adults
Neuroscience Geriatrics Neurology Ophthalmology
140 views · 18 downloads
Zhiguang Ji, Anmin Li, Tian Feng, Xiaolei Liu, Yihong You, Fanying Meng, Ruoqing Wang, Jialing Lu, Chunhua Zhang
20 October
Oxygen-limited metabolism in the methanotroph Methylomicrobium buryatense 5GB1C
Ecology Microbiology
114 views · 17 downloads
Alexey Gilman, Yanfen Fu, Melissa Hendershott, Frances Chu, Aaron W. Puri, Amanda Lee Smith, Mitchell Pesesky, Rose Lieberman, David A.C. Beck, Mary E. Lidstrom
19 October
Range expansion of a fouling species indirectly impacts local species interactions
Biodiversity Conservation Biology Ecology Marine Biology
167 views · 18 downloads
Cori J. Speights, Michael W. McCoy
19 October
The neuroprotective effect of nicotine in Parkinson’s disease models is associated with inhibiting PARP-1 and caspase-3 cleavage
Biochemistry Molecular Biology Neuroscience Neurology Pharmacology
188 views · 39 downloads
Justin Y.D. Lu, Ping Su, James E.M. Barber, Joanne E. Nash, Anh D. Le, Fang Liu, Albert H.C. Wong
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18 October, 2016
VSEARCH: a versatile open source tool for metagenomics
Biodiversity Bioinformatics Computational Biology Genomics Microbiology
70 citations · 5,321 views · 1,038 downloads
Torbjørn Rognes, Tomáš Flouri, Ben Nichols, Christopher Quince, Frédéric Mahé
9 January, 2014
PhyloSift: phylogenetic analysis of genomes and metagenomes
Bioinformatics Computational Biology Evolutionary Studies Genomics Microbiology
153 citations · 22,905 views · 4,208 downloads
Aaron E. Darling, Guillaume Jospin, Eric Lowe, Frederick A. Matsen IV, Holly M. Bik, Jonathan A. Eisen
9 October, 2014
Using observation-level random effects to model overdispersion in count data in ecology and evolution
Ecology Evolutionary Studies Statistics
125 citations · 9,741 views · 2,727 downloads
Xavier A. Harrison
21 August, 2014
Subsampled open-reference clustering creates consistent, comprehensive OTU definitions and scales to billions of sequences
Bioinformatics Ecology Microbiology
104 citations · 14,423 views · 2,944 downloads
Jai Ram Rideout, Yan He, Jose A. Navas-Molina, William A. Walters, Luke K. Ursell, Sean M. Gibbons, John Chase, Daniel McDonald, Antonio Gonzalez, Adam Robbins-Pianka, Jose C. Clemente, Jack A. Gilbert, Susan M. Huse, Hong-Wei Zhou, Rob Knight, J. Gregory Caporaso
27 August, 2015
MetaBAT, an efficient tool for accurately reconstructing single genomes from complex microbial communities
Bioinformatics Computational Biology Genomics
83 citations · 13,271 views · 2,216 downloads
Dongwan D. Kang, Jeff Froula, Rob Egan, Zhong Wang
8 October, 2015
Anvi’o: an advanced analysis and visualization platform for ‘omics data
Bioinformatics Biotechnology Computational Biology Genomics Microbiology
53 citations · 11,897 views · 1,935 downloads
A. Murat Eren, Özcan C. Esen, Christopher Quince, Joseph H. Vineis, Hilary G. Morrison, Mitchell L. Sogin, Tom O. Delmont
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