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A survey of vestigial skeleton structures in mammals

Researchers have used phylogenetic bracketing to identify and survey the extent of postcranial vestigial skeleton structures in mammals.

Evolutionary Studies Marine Biology Zoology Anatomy and Physiology
Phil Senter, John G. Moch

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15 August, 2013
The direct response of the gonads to cues of stress in a temperate songbird species is season-dependent
Ecology Zoology Diabetes and Endocrinology
16 citations · 1,453 views · 288 downloads
Nicolette L. McGuire, Annie Koh, George E. Bentley
9 January, 2014
PhyloSift: phylogenetic analysis of genomes and metagenomes
Bioinformatics Computational Biology Evolutionary Studies Genomics Microbiology
30 citations · 13,535 views · 2,577 downloads
Aaron E. Darling, Guillaume Jospin, Eric Lowe, Frederick A. Matsen IV, Holly M. Bik, Jonathan A. Eisen
27 February, 2014
System wide analyses have underestimated protein abundances and the importance of transcription in mammals
Bioinformatics Computational Biology
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Jingyi Jessica Li, Peter J. Bickel, Mark D. Biggin
27 May, 2014
Strain- and plasmid-level deconvolution of a synthetic metagenome by sequencing proximity ligation products
Bioengineering Bioinformatics Computational Biology Genomics Microbiology
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Christopher W. Beitel, Lutz Froenicke, Jenna M. Lang, Ian F. Korf, Richard W. Michelmore, Jonathan A. Eisen, Aaron E. Darling
9 October, 2014
Using observation-level random effects to model overdispersion in count data in ecology and evolution
Ecology Evolutionary Studies Statistics
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Xavier A. Harrison
25 September, 2014
Swarm: robust and fast clustering method for amplicon-based studies
Biodiversity Bioinformatics Ecology Microbiology Molecular Biology
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Frédéric Mahé, Torbjørn Rognes, Christopher Quince, Colomban de Vargas, Micah Dunthorn
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