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Comparative analysis of the Rotarix™ vaccine strain and G1P[8] rotaviruses

G1P[8] rotaviruses are responsible for the majority of human rotavirus infections worldwide. However, the effect of universal mass vaccination with rotavirus vaccines on circulating G1P[8] rotaviruses is still poorly understood. New genomic research shows the possible impact of vaccination at the strain level for the first time.

Virology Gastroenterology and Hepatology Infectious Diseases
Mark Zeller, Elisabeth Heylen, Sana Tamim, John K. McAllen, Ewen F. Kirkness, Asmik Akopov, Sarah De Coster, Marc Van Ranst, Jelle Matthijnssens
18 January
Species-specific pharmacology of maximakinin, an amphibian homologue of bradykinin: putative prodrug activity at the human B2 receptor and peptidase resistance in rats
Cardiology Pharmacology
Xavier Charest-Morin, Hélène Bachelard, Melissa Jean, Francois Marceau
18 January
Symbiodinium spp. associated with scleractinian corals from Dongsha Atoll (Pratas), Taiwan, in the South China Sea
Ecology Environmental Sciences Marine Biology
Shashank Keshavmurthy, Kuo-Hsun Tang, Chia-Min Hsu, Chai-Hsia Gan, Chao-Yang Kuo, Keryea Soong, Hong-Nong Chou, Chaolun Allen Chen
18 January
Comparison of different sample preparation methods for platinum determination in cultured cells by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry
Cell Biology Drugs and Devices Oncology
Man Xiao, Zaiju Huang, Jing Cai, Jinghui Jia, Yuzeng Zhang, Weihong Dong, Zehua Wang
18 January
Skeletal pathology and variable anatomy in elephant feet assessed using computed tomography
Veterinary Medicine Pathology Radiology and Medical Imaging
Sophie Regnault, Jonathon J.I. Dixon, Chris Warren-Smith, John R. Hutchinson, Renate Weller
18 January
Neck biomechanics indicate that giant Transylvanian azhdarchid pterosaurs were short-necked arch predators
Paleontology Zoology
Darren Naish, Mark P. Witton
18 January
The wild tomato species Solanum chilense shows variation in pathogen resistance between geographically distinct populations
Ecology Evolutionary Studies Plant Science
Remco Stam, Daniela Scheikl, Aurélien Tellier
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