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Adult longevity in captive colonies of the eusocial paper wasp Polistes

Researchers provide primary data on the longevity of females in captive colonies of the predatory and primitively eusocial Neotropical P. canadensis paper wasp.

Animal Behavior Ecology Entomology Evolutionary Studies Zoology
Robin J. Southon, Emily F. Bell, Peter Graystock, Seirian Sumner
31 March
The effects of set volume during isolated lumbar extension resistance training in recreationally trained males
Anatomy and Physiology Kinesiology Orthopedics
16 views · 31 downloads
James Steele, Adam Fitzpatrick, Stewart Bruce-Low, James Fisher
31 March
Proteomic responses to hypoxia at different temperatures in the great scallop (Pecten maximus)
Aquaculture, Fisheries and Fish Science Ecology Environmental Sciences Marine Biology Molecular Biology
16 views · 21 downloads
Sébastien Artigaud, Camille Lacroix, Joëlle Richard, Jonathan Flye-Sainte-Marie, Luca Bargelloni, Vianney Pichereau
31 March
A questions-based investigation of consumer mental-health information
Bioinformatics Cognitive Disorders Psychiatry and Psychology Public Health Human–Computer Interaction
8 views · 9 downloads
Colleen E. Crangle, Joyce Brothers Kart
31 March
The right whale mandatory ship reporting system: a retrospective
Conservation Biology Marine Biology Legal Issues Science Policy
3 views · 19 downloads
Gregory K. Silber, Jeffrey D. Adams, Michael J. Asaro, Timothy V.N. Cole, Katie S. Moore, Leslie I. Ward-Geiger, Barbara J. Zoodsma
31 March
Effect of different heterotrophic plate count methods on the estimation of the composition of the culturable microbial community
Microbiology Molecular Biology
31 views · 15 downloads
Eva Theres Gensberger, Eva-Maria Gössl, Livio Antonielli, Angela Sessitsch, Tanja Kostić
31 March
A reproducible approach to high-throughput biological data acquisition and integration
Bioinformatics Computational Biology
42 views · 34 downloads
Daniela Börnigen, Yo Sup Moon, Gholamali Rahnavard, Levi Waldron, Lauren McIver, Afrah Shafquat, Eric A. Franzosa, Larissa Miropolsky, Christopher Sweeney, Xochitl C. Morgan, Wendy S. Garrett, Curtis Huttenhower
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Recently cited

9 January, 2014
PhyloSift: phylogenetic analysis of genomes and metagenomes
Bioinformatics Computational Biology Evolutionary Studies Genomics Microbiology
27 citations · 8,274 views · 1,818 downloads
Aaron E. Darling, Guillaume Jospin, Eric Lowe, Frederick A. Matsen IV, Holly M. Bik, Jonathan A. Eisen
4 March, 2014
Poppr: an R package for genetic analysis of populations with clonal, partially clonal, and/or sexual reproduction
Bioinformatics Genetics Microbiology Mycology Computational Science
6 citations · 2,067 views · 399 downloads
Zhian N. Kamvar, Javier F. Tabima, Niklaus J. Grünwald
28 May, 2013
Some poleward movement of British native vascular plants is occurring, but the fingerprint of climate change is not evident
Biodiversity Biogeography Computational Biology Environmental Sciences Plant Science
5 citations · 829 views · 276 downloads
Quentin J. Groom
6 March, 2014
Artificial light and nocturnal activity in gammarids
Animal Behavior Conservation Biology Ecology Environmental Sciences Zoology
2 citations · 476 views · 183 downloads
Elizabeth K. Perkin, Franz Hölker, Stefan Heller, Rüdiger Berghahn
20 May, 2014
Multi-gene analysis of Symbiodinium dinoflagellates: a perspective on rarity, symbiosis, and evolution
Ecology Evolutionary Studies Marine Biology Molecular Biology
2 citations · 931 views · 309 downloads
Xavier Pochon, Hollie M. Putnam, Ruth D. Gates
29 May, 2014
New information on the anatomy of the Chinese Early Cretaceous Bohaiornithidae (Aves: Enantiornithes) from a subadult specimen of Zhouornis hani
Paleontology Taxonomy Zoology
1 citation · 568 views · 337 downloads
Yuguang Zhang, Jingmai O’Connor, Liu Di, Meng Qingjin, Trond Sigurdsen, Luis M. Chiappe
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