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Researchers believe that New Zealand's mainland Yellow-eyed penguins face extinction

Scientists have modelled factors driving mainland Yellow-eyed penguin population decline and are calling for action to reduce regional threats. According to the researchers’ prediction models, breeding success of the penguins will continue to decline to extinction by 2060 largely due to rising ocean temperatures.

Conservation Biology Ecology Ecosystem Science Marine Biology Zoology
Thomas Mattern, Stefan Meyer, Ursula Ellenberg, David M. Houston, John T. Darby, Melanie Young, Yolanda van Heezik, Philip J. Seddon
25 May
Invasive lionfish had no measurable effect on prey fish community structure across the Belizean Barrier Reef
Biodiversity Conservation Biology Ecology Marine Biology
194 views · 25 downloads
Serena Hackerott, Abel Valdivia, Courtney E. Cox, Nyssa J. Silbiger, John F. Bruno
25 May
Interactions of 172 plant extracts with human organic anion transporter 1 (SLC22A6) and 3 (SLC22A8): a study on herb-drug interactions
Plant Science Toxicology Pharmacology
84 views · 9 downloads
Hang Lu, Zhiqiang Lu, Xue Li, Gentao Li, Yilin Qiao, Robert P. Borris, Youcai Zhang
25 May
A molecular phylogeny of the spiny lobster Panulirus homarus highlights a separately evolving lineage from the Southwest Indian Ocean
Evolutionary Studies Genetics Marine Biology Molecular Biology
106 views · 12 downloads
Sohana P. Singh, Johan C. Groeneveld, Abdulaziz Al-Marzouqi, Sandi Willows-Munro
25 May
Genetic effects on life-history traits in the Glanville fritillary butterfly
Evolutionary Studies Genetics
133 views · 19 downloads
Anne Duplouy, Swee C. Wong, Jukka Corander, Rainer Lehtonen, Ilkka Hanski
25 May
The role of kelp crabs as consumers in bull kelp forests—evidence from laboratory feeding trials and field enclosures
Ecology Marine Biology
204 views · 11 downloads
Katie Dobkowski
25 May
Differentiation of Bifidobacterium longum subspecies longum and infantis by quantitative PCR using functional gene targets
Microbiology Molecular Biology
95 views · 13 downloads
Blair Lawley, Karen Munro, Alan Hughes, Alison J. Hodgkinson, Colin G. Prosser, Dianne Lowry, Shao J. Zhou, Maria Makrides, Robert A. Gibson, Christophe Lay, Charmaine Chew, Pheng Soon Lee, Khai Hong Wong, Gerald W. Tannock
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4 March, 2014
Poppr: an R package for genetic analysis of populations with clonal, partially clonal, and/or sexual reproduction
Bioinformatics Genetics Microbiology Mycology Computational Science
152 citations · 13,724 views · 2,002 downloads
Zhian N. Kamvar, Javier F. Tabima, Niklaus J. Grünwald
18 October, 2016
VSEARCH: a versatile open source tool for metagenomics
Biodiversity Bioinformatics Computational Biology Genomics Microbiology
23 citations · 3,501 views · 698 downloads
Torbjørn Rognes, Tomáš Flouri, Ben Nichols, Christopher Quince, Frédéric Mahé
19 June, 2014
scikit-image: image processing in Python
Bioinformatics Computational Biology Computational Science Human–Computer Interaction Science and Medical Education
127 citations · 41,061 views · 7,363 downloads
Stéfan van der Walt, Johannes L. Schönberger, Juan Nunez-Iglesias, François Boulogne, Joshua D. Warner, Neil Yager, Emmanuelle Gouillart, Tony Yu
9 October, 2014
Using observation-level random effects to model overdispersion in count data in ecology and evolution
Ecology Evolutionary Studies Statistics
97 citations · 8,398 views · 2,443 downloads
Xavier A. Harrison
27 August, 2015
MetaBAT, an efficient tool for accurately reconstructing single genomes from complex microbial communities
Bioinformatics Computational Biology Genomics
53 citations · 10,456 views · 1,667 downloads
Dongwan D. Kang, Jeff Froula, Rob Egan, Zhong Wang
16 July, 2013
Real-time bioacoustics monitoring and automated species identification
Animal Behavior Biodiversity Conservation Biology Human-Computer Interaction
50 citations · 13,743 views · 2,792 downloads
T. Mitchell Aide, Carlos Corrada-Bravo, Marconi Campos-Cerqueira, Carlos Milan, Giovany Vega, Rafael Alvarez
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