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Can large-bodied grouper control the spread of invasive lionfish in the Caribbean?

The PeerJ Mission

To solve our greatest challenges we need a 21st century update to knowledge-share and scholarly communication. PeerJ's mission is to help the world efficiently publish its knowledge.

We do this through Internet-scale innovation and Open Access licensing to save academics' time, money, and to maximize recognition of their contributions.

PeerJ provides academics with two Open Access publication venues: PeerJ (a peer-reviewed academic journal) and PeerJ PrePrints (a 'pre-print server'). Both are focused on the Biological and Medical Sciences. Q&A + annotations provide a second route to gaining credit for knowledge-share.

PeerJ starts at $99 - for lifetime publishing, and public PeerJ PrePrints are free to publish. It is always free to read, download, and reuse PeerJ articles.

Learn how it works, or see our submission guidelines and academic board of editors.

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