Biodiversity and Conservation

Validity of the iLOAD® app for resistance training monitoring
Scotty Butcher –– This new app solves a problem with current apps in the resistance monitoring literature by allowing real-time velocity feedback. The authors have shown excellent validity compared with direct velocity measures.
Molecular evidence that the Channel Islands populations of the orange-crowned warbler (Oreothlypis celata; Aves: Passeriformes: Parulidae) represent a distinct evolutionary lineage
Michael Wink –– good study on an important topic
Taxonomic revision of black salamanders of the Aneides flavipunctatus complex (Caudata: Plethodontidae)
Tomas Hrbek –– An artfully constructed taxonomic paper that draws on multiple lines of compelling evidence, from historical information to incorporating classical as well as modern data sources. The authors also evaluate the conservation status of these taxa and sending a clear message to the readers of the importance of integrative taxonomic studies.
Mobile learning in dentistry: usage habits, attitudes and perceptions of undergraduate students
Abhiram Maddi –– It may well be one of the first articles to address mobile based learning attitudes among dental students.
The effects of a 4-week mesocycle of barbell back squat or barbell hip thrust strength training upon isolated lumbar extension strength
Justin Keogh –– This study demonstrates similar improvements in lower body strength after performing four weeks of back squat compared to barbell hip thrusts, although no change in isometric lumbar extension strength was observed. As the lumbar extensors need to contract isometrically during many exercises such as squats and deadlifts, the addition of isolated lumbar extension exercises may be required.
Children’s attitudes towards animals are similar across suburban, exurban, and rural areas
Patricia Gandini –– This study shows that children are disconnected form nature regardless where they growth up, highlighting the need to educate about the importance of wildlife in the schools as an important tool in biodiversity conservation
Extinction risk of narrowly distributed species of seed plants in Brazil due to habitat loss and climate change
Jasmine Janes –– Highlights important conservation scenarios and demonstrates that current conservation-based status of many species may not be sufficient.
The aridity index governs the variation of vegetation characteristics in alpine grassland, Northern Tibet Plateau
Jianhua Xu –– Ecologists will be interested in this article.
BioDinamica: a toolkit for analyses of biodiversity and biogeography on the Dinamica-EGO modelling platform
Patricia Gandini –– A New software and toolkits to be used at large scales seeming easy to use for the whole scientific community
Monitoring the critically endangered Clanwilliam cedar with freely available Google Earth imagery
Alastair Culham –– This is an original and resourceful use of Google imagery in monitoring plant distributions.
Biodiversity and Conservation

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For a botanist tobacco is more then just cigarettes. e.g. Aztec tobacco (Nicotiana rustica) is an ancient Native American tobacco species used in shamanic rituals. We just revealed it has a smokin' hot

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