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Farming system shapes traits and composition of spider assemblages in Mediterranean cherry orchards
Rodolfo Jaffé –– The paper addresses taxonomical, behavioral, and morphological responses of spider communities to farming systems and topographic features.
Prediction of antiviral drugs against African swine fever viruses based on protein–protein interaction analysis
Walter de Azevedo Jr. –– In this work, Zhu et al. describe a study that brings an up-to-date set of protein-protein interactions between African swine fever virus and swine. This manuscript may contribute not only to deepen our understanding of the African swine fever virus-swine protein-protein interactions but also help in the development of novel antiviral drugs against this virus.
Plantar support adaptations in healthy subjects after eight weeks of barefoot running training
Amador García-Ramos –– Authors revealed a set of novel findings with respect to the adaptations in plantar support following barefoot running training
Characterizing metabolic stress-induced phenotypes of Synechocystis PCC6803 with Raman spectroscopy
Siouxsie Wiles –– New tools to study bacterial response to stresses/environmental changes.
Characterizing glucose, illumination, and nitrogen-deprivation phenotypes of Synechocystis PCC6803 with Raman spectroscopy
Siouxsie Wiles –– presents good evidence that Raman spectroscopy is suitable for determining metabolites and macromolecules in bacterial cells and how they change with the environment.