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Synthesis of fluorescent polystyrene nanoparticles: a reproducible and scalable method
Electronic, Optical and Magnetic, Nano and Microstructured Materials, Polymers
Evaluation of commercially-available conductive filaments for 3D printing flexible circuits on paper
Materials Science (other), Porous Materials, Additive Manufacturing
Review on benefits, toxicity, challenges, and future of graphene-based face masks in the prevention of COVID-19 Pandemic
Biomaterials, Materials Science (other), Nano and Microstructured Materials
Antimicrobial properties, cytotoxicity, colour and mechanical behavior of light-cured resin composites containing modified Novaron
Biomaterials, Composites, Materials Science (other)
Review of materials and testing methods for virus filtering performance of face mask and respirator
Materials Science (other), Nano and Microstructured Materials
Creation of a prototype biomimetic fish to better understand impact trauma caused by hydropower turbine blade strikes
Bioinspired materials, Biomaterials, Additive Manufacturing
Electronic, magnetic and optical properties of XScO3 (X=Mo, W) perovskites
Electronic, Optical and Magnetic, Energy Materials, Materials Science (other), Semiconductors, Sensors

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