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John P Wares


Though I've worked on many phyla in many habitats, marine invertebrates, crustaceans, and barnacles in particular are my forté. I studied invertebrate zoology with Alan Kohn and George Shinn at Friday Harbor Labs in 1996, graduated with my Ph.D. from Duke Zoology in 2000 (advised by Cliff Cunningham), and had outstanding and enjoyable postdocs with Tom Turner (University of New Mexico) and Rick Grosberg (University of California at Davis). I've been at the University of Georgia since 2005.

Biodiversity Ecology Evolutionary Studies

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University of Georgia
January 2005
Department of Genetics; Odum School of Ecology
I study the distribution of diversity at all levels of organization.

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07 Jul 2014

1. You refer to porcini, but only provide some confusing details about the taxonomy in the final paragraph of the introduction, at which point we are now not talking about porcini...

14 Nov 2014

Interested in this paper? There will be an updated version posted in the next week or so. Following feedback from a colleague in my lab, I have improved the analytical code and als...