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The Colorado State University Libraries believes that the free exchange of information and ideas is vital to scholarly discourse. Open Access to scholarly communication accelerates the creation of knowledge while simultaneously increasing the visibility of research results. Members of the academic community share a common interest in the broadest possible dissemination of peer-reviewed literature and other products of the scholarly process.

To support the our open access mission, the Colorado State University Libraries has established an institutional membership to PeerJ, which will pay the basic membership costs for the first 40 CSU authors whose articles are accepted for publication in PeerJ. This membership will belong to the author, even if they leave Colorado State University.

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20 Peer-reviewed Articles

15 Preprints

QIIME 2: Reproducible, interactive, scalable, and extensible microbiome data science
4,167 views · 2,390 downloads
EEG P300 wave detection using Emotiv EPOC+: Effects of matrix size, flash duration, and colors
326 views · 352 downloads
A guide to Bayesian model checking for ecologists
987 views · 727 downloads
A very recent whole genome duplication in Potamopyrgus antipodarum predates multiple origins of asexuality & associated polyploidy
398 views · 135 downloads
Differential effect of Platelet Endothelial Cell Adhesion Molecule-1 (PECAM-1) on leukocyte infiltration during contact hypersensitivity responses
589 views · 74 downloads
The outcomes of most aggressive interactions among closely related bird species are asymmetric
442 views · 79 downloads

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