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Lucy J Troup


Dr. Lucy J. Troup Currently is co-director of the Center for Applied Cognitive Neuroscience in the Department of Psychology at Colorado State University. She is also Affiliate Faculty in the Molecular Cellular Integrate Neuroscience Program. Her research focus is centered round Emotion Processing using Event Related Potentials to better understand the endogenous and exogenous variables that influence emotional expression recognition. Currently the main emphasis in the Troup lab is to understand how Cannabis effects emotion processing.

Dr. Troup received her Undergraduate degree in Psychology form the University of Plymouth in the UK. Her graduate work, translational M.Sc. in Intelligent Systems and Ph.D in Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience were also awarded from the University of Plymouth under the direction of Prof. Mike Denham, Professor Emeritus Center for Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience.

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Colorado State University
August 2002
Cognitive Neuroscience Program in the Department of Psychology

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