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Sohath Vanegas,
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Sara Varela

I am working on Pleistocene mammal extinctions. Co-developer of R packages to download data from open access databases (rAvis and paleobioDB), and team member of, an open access repository to access climatic data for the past, present and future.

Graham P Wallis

Professor in Genetics, University of Otago. Past Vice-President, Society for the Study of Evolution. Past Convenor of EEB Panel, Marsden Fund, New Zealand. Past Marsden Fund Council Member. Associate Editor: Pacific Conservation Biology. Past Associate Editor: Evolution, Molecular Ecology. Temminck Fellow, National Museum of Natural History, Leiden, 2008, 2011. Research Interests: hybrid zones, biogeography, molecular evolution, molecular systematics, conservation genetics. Current projects: Adaptive evolution of a larval glycoprotein in galaxiid fishes (with Luca Jovine, Karolinska Institutet); New Zealand biogeography (with Jon Waters & Dave Craw, Otago); Minimising adaptation to captivity for conservation of threatened species (with Catherine Grueber, Univ Sydney); Molecular systematics of European newts (with Pim Arntzen, National Museum of Natural History, Leiden)

Jianjun Wang

Dr. Jianjun Wang is Professor of Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He studies microbial biogeography and global change. His main topics are related to the questions on how microbial diversity and community composition varied within Earth’s surface and subsurface, especially aquatic environments. He is using self-obtained large microbial data sets, in-situ experiments, as well as modeling methods to achieve these answers.

Michael Wink

Professor of Biology and Director at the Institute of Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology of Heidelberg University; Head of Biology Department. Editor of Diversity, Biotechnology Journal and Journal of Ornithology. Member of several editorial boards and scientific societies. Author of over 20 books and over 700 original peer-reviewed publications.

Jianhua Xu

Jianhua Xu is Professor of Geography and Director of The Research Centre for East-West Cooperation in China. He has published 16 books and more than 200 papers. He has worked as editorial board members of some academic journals, such as Journal of Desert Research, Areal Research and Development, Human Geography, Ecologic Science, Arid Land Geography, Chinese Geographical Science, Journal of Signal and Information Processing, and PeerJ.

Xiaocheng Zhu

Research Fellow from Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation, Charles Sturt University. I am working on the genetics and ecology of invasive plant species.