Maria Teresa Capucchio


Graduation in Veterinary Medicine, University of Torino, in April 1992.Course of Laboratory Diagnostic (bacteriology, virology, immunology 1994. Specialist in Public Veterinary Health, University of Milano, 1996. PhD in “Pathology of domestic and wild animals (1997-2000). Assistant professor at the Department of Veterinary Sciences, University of Torino, from November 1999. Associate professor from November 2014. Teaching activities: General Pathology; Neuropathology, Muscle pathology; Endocrine Pathology; Pathology of the cattle. Scientific activity: research programs on host-pathogens interaction pathology; neuropathology, muscle pathology; morphological alterations associated with the use of dietary supplements. Co-author of 341 articles (221 abstracts/proceedings of national and international conferences; 5 book chapters and 120 scientific papers on ISI and non ISI journals). Co- author of an Atlas on Small Ruminants Pathology (2012). H index: 14. Citations: 505

Histology Microbiology Veterinary Medicine

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