Tatiana Vishnivetskaya
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Tatiana A Vishnivetskaya


I am a Research Associate III in the Center for Environmental Biotechnology (CEB) at the University of Tennessee (UT). My interests lay in uncovering microbial community structure and biodiversity of various extreme environments including deep subsurface permafrost, tundra soils, soils and sediments from polluted sites, hot springs, and animal/human microbiome. In my research I apply a variety of classical microbiological and high-throughput techniques, such as quantitative real time PCR, microarrays, hybridization, next generation sequencing, single cell genomics, metagenomics, metaproteomics, metatranscriptomics.

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Research Assistant Professor

University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Center for Environmental Biotechnology
Microbial ecology and biodiversity in extreme cold and hot environments, applications to astrobiology and biotechnology

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