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Prevalence and richness of malaria and malaria-like parasites in wild #birds from different biomes in South America https://t.co/ZJFZ9zmyC3 @thePeerJ https://t.co/rCHBZ2cQbH

Reed et al. @CalPoly find experimentally broadcast ocean surf and river noise alters birdsong Read the full article https://t.co/Y200gr6mpW #AnimalBehavior #Ecology #Birdsong https://t.co/ODUjtkL2A6

Evaluating acoustic signals to reduce avian collision risk https://t.co/VheWVNhPL1 @thePeerJ https://t.co/cxsCC0DcNo

Bacterial profile of bovine mastitis in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis https://t.co/ZsFMbWOY54 @thePeerJ https://t.co/pVOc6NIRx4

Scavenging vs hunting affects #behavioral traits of an opportunistic carnivore https://t.co/6Rd1JhxpZA @thePeerJ https://t.co/amotDBeQLU

Gonzalez Rojas et al. examine the winter diet of Burrowing Owls in the Llano La Soledad, Galeana, Nuevo León, México Read the full article https://t.co/Za9IfCvhq3 #AnimalBehavior #Ecology #BurrowingOwl https://t.co/LYYLvubo14

Herrera-Castillo et al. examine skeletal variation in #bird domestication: limb proportions and sternum in chicken, with comparisons to mallard ducks and Muscovy ducks Read the full article https://t.co/8A3nIqzwul #DevelopmentalBiology #Evolution #Zoology https://t.co/vuASQNLLsR

My article has been published today in @PeerJLife https://t.co/AGAS329WqM #AnimalBehavior #Entomology #Zoology

My article has been published today in @PeerJLife https://t.co/rHAaJHOvXM #Biodiversity #ConservationBiology #Taxonomy #Zoology