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Zoological Science

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Parra-Olea et al. (https://t.co/BAy3WfR9lk). Partial revision of the genus, phylogenetic hypothesis, and five new species of the Mexican plethodontid salamander genus Chiropterotriton (C. casasi, C. ceronorum, C. melipona, C. perotensis, C. totonacus) https://t.co/8Sok4icU41 https://t.co/Y6Byib66zG

Characterization of the bacterial microbiota composition and #evolution at different intestinal tract in wild pigs (Sus scrofa ussuricus) https://t.co/i3sbEVWvF4 @thePeerJ https://t.co/LLMZyXoK2N

Microbiome analysis by primmorphs. Took more than year to publish https://t.co/8gcUsHlzfM с помощью @thePeerJ

Studying the impacts of wheat spatial position and phenology on cereal aphid abundance @MeravSeifan https://t.co/mopyQUZJ95 https://t.co/F4BrCE2PZF