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Proteomic analysis of differential anther development from sterile/fertile lines in Capsicum annuum L.
"The work provides new information about the proteins involved in male sterility and fertility in pepper."
Diego Gomez-Casati, Handling Editor
Pachygenium laurense (Orchidaceae, Spiranthinae), a new orchid species from Argentina—morphological evidence and phylogenetic reconstruction
"The paper reports a new Pachygenium orchid species from Argentina and provides morphological and molecular data."
Robert Winkler, Handling Editor
Base water potential but not hydrotime predicts seedling emergence of Medicago sativa under water stress conditions
"This article presents interesting contributions to alfalfa cultivation and seed ecology."
Jose Gonzalez-Andújar, Handling Editor
Alleviation of cadmium stress in rice by inoculation of Bacillus cereus
Mahmood-ur-Rahman Ansari, Handling Editor
Potential roles of melatonin and ABA on apple dwarfing in semi-arid area of Xinjiang China
"The authors have reported that in the semi-arid area due to the extremely drought, the dwarfing process of is a beneficial strategy for the survival and thriving of apple trees."
Dunxian Tan, Handling Editor
A SNP variation in an expansin (EgExp4) gene affects height in oil palm
"Palm oil is of high importance in the food and bioenergy industries. The work contributes to the more efficient production of this essential raw material."
Robert Winkler, Handling Editor
Dissection of genetic architecture for tiller angle in rice (Oryza sativa. L) by multiple genome-wide association analyses
Mahmood-ur-Rahman Ansari, Handling Editor
Genotypic variation in root architectural traits under contrasting phosphorus levels in Mediterranean and Indian origin lentil genotypes
"This article describes the genetic diversity of root architectural traits of Lentil (an important pulse legume) under contrasting phosphorus levels."
Rana Muhammad Atif, Handling Editor
Distinct metabolic profiling is correlated with bisexual flowers formation resulting from exogenous ethephon induction in melon (Cucumis melo L.)
"Flowers are critical for the reproduction and formation of fruits. This metabolic study is therefore useful for a broader community."
Robert Winkler, Handling Editor
Genome-wide evolution and expression analysis of the MYB-CC gene family in Brassica spp.
Mahmood-ur-Rahman Ansari, Handling Editor

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菌類eDNA抽出に関する論文が公開されました。陸水サンプルからDNA抽出する際にBlood Tissue kitとPowerSoil kitのどちらを使っても同じような菌類メタバーコーディング結果(OTU数と組成)が得られました。同じDNA抽出物を用いて動物と菌類の解析ができるかもしれません。 https://t.co/Juqv3qmPtQ

Kuan et al. develop a bead-based assay for detection of three banana-infecting #viruses Read the full article https://t.co/MjJg2AlBhW #Microbiology #PlantScience #Virology

M. Martin et al. describe a #NewSpecies of #orchid from #Argentina - Pachygenium laurense, with morphological evidence and phylogenetic reconstruction Read the full article https://t.co/BfnGcFKuiQ #Biodiversity #PlantScience #Taxonomy https://t.co/7d8AfXKhOm

Song et al. examine the impact of different feeds on #DNA #methylation, glycolysis/gluconeogenesis signaling pathway, and gene expression of sheep muscle Read the full article https://t.co/9OMWzpJuwN #AgriculturalScience #Biochemistry #Genetics https://t.co/kiA7qMRQDi

Ker et al. examine then nutrient composition of Chenopodium formosanum Koidz. bran: Fractionation and bioactivity of its soluble active polysaccharides Read the full article https://t.co/J8GMp5atmN #Quinoa #AgriculturalScience #PlantScience https://t.co/y7C7CKfWDO

Integrative analysis of transcriptome complexity in pig granulosa cells by long-read isoform sequencing https://t.co/e2ue9wWp1P @thePeerJ https://t.co/Klq09wwVAQ

An article I handled as editor has been published today @PeerJLife https://t.co/ov0LFRR7Lp #AgriculturalScience #Genomics #PlantScience

Yap et al. @KMUTTNews examine the influence of hot air drying on #capsaicinoids, phenolics, flavonoids and antioxidant activities of ‘Super Hot’ #chilies Read the full article https://t.co/ANtrnsMXX6 #AgriculturalScience #FoodScience https://t.co/OJFYE9NFof