Two membrane-bound transcription factors regulate expression of various type-IV-pili surface structures in Sulfolobus acidocaldarius
Craig Moyer –– This effort shows the relationship of protein regulators ArnR and paralog ArnR1 affecting the expression of archaellum in Sulfolobus acidocaldarius.
Improved genome of Agrobacterium radiobacter type strain provides new taxonomic insight into Agrobacterium genomospecies 4
Siouxsie Wiles –– Highlights a serious issue with the previously published genome and presents new insights into Agrobacterium biology
Synthesis of silver nanoparticles using a modified Tollens’ method in conjunction with phytochemicals and assessment of their antimicrobial activity
Scott Wallen –– Quantity production and stabilization of nanoparticles using renewable materials is critical for sustainable nanotechnology development and the present article furthers this approach.
Evaluation of DESS as a storage medium for microbial community analysis
Michael LaMontagne –– This article may help investigators preserve microbiome samples for future studies.
Suppression of hesA mutation on nitrogenase activity in Paenibacillus polymyxa WLY78 with the addition of high levels of molybdate or cystine
Pedro Silva –– Additional insight on the possible function of hesA in FeMoco biosynthesis
Isolation of wheat bran-colonizing and metabolizing species from the human fecal microbiota
Karoline Faust –– In this work, the authors isolated wheat-bran-colonising bacteria from human stool. Studies such as this one improve our understanding of the lifestyles and metabolic abilities of human gut bacteria.
Antimicrobial susceptibility and virulence genes of clinical and environmental isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Paul Tulkens –– This paper describes the evolution of resistance over a long period. Beyond the specific environment (Malaysia), it bring general concepts that may be used by others. This is what makes it interesting.
A new virus found in garlic virus complex is a member of possible novel genus of the family Betaflexiviridae (order Tymovirales)
Ana Grande-Pérez –– An example of a new virus that, despite existing in high frequency in a major crop, has now been revealed thanks to high-performance sequencing technology. Named as yellow garlic mosaic virus (GYMaV) it belongs to a new putative genus of the family Betaflexiviridae (order Tymovirals). Its replicase relates it to the ring-spot virus of African palm oil (genus Robigovirus) and the potato virus T (genus Tepovirus) and its capsid protein with the genus Foveavirus. A virus to look for in future surveys of pathogens in crops.
Differential expression of the glucose transporter gene glcH in response to glucose and light in marine picocyanobacteria
Valeria Souza –– I believe that the energy metabolism of this important component of the plancton is key for the earth C budget.
Fluoxetine-induced alteration of murine gut microbial community structure: evidence for a microbial endocrinology-based mechanism of action responsible for fluoxetine-induced side effects
Laura Maggi –– The paper is focused on relevant topic in the field of gut-brain axis and of drug development.

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