An assessment for health education and health promotion in chronic disease demonstration districts: a comparative study from Hunan Province, China
Gregory Gilbert –– This study was designed to establish a framework of indicators for outcome evaluation of health education and promotion efforts in Chinese districts, and explore the factors involved to promote the effort. It concluded chronic disease demonstration districts performed better on the work of health education and health promotion than the non-demonstration districts.
Two membrane-bound transcription factors regulate expression of various type-IV-pili surface structures in Sulfolobus acidocaldarius
Craig Moyer –– This effort shows the relationship of protein regulators ArnR and paralog ArnR1 affecting the expression of archaellum in Sulfolobus acidocaldarius.
Enhancing fitness, enjoyment, and physical self-efficacy in primary school children: a DEDIPAC naturalistic study
Laura Guidetti –– The article highlights role of the school in promoting PA and sport for youth, therefore the school can be an ideal setting to promote PA and prevent children’s overweight prevalence.
The association between meteorological variables and road traffic injuries: a study from Macao
Yuming Guo –– This paper adds evidence on the associations between meteorological variables and road traffic injuries. It is important finding in the context of climate change.
Improved genome of Agrobacterium radiobacter type strain provides new taxonomic insight into Agrobacterium genomospecies 4
Siouxsie Wiles –– Highlights a serious issue with the previously published genome and presents new insights into Agrobacterium biology
Synthesis of silver nanoparticles using a modified Tollens’ method in conjunction with phytochemicals and assessment of their antimicrobial activity
Scott Wallen –– Quantity production and stabilization of nanoparticles using renewable materials is critical for sustainable nanotechnology development and the present article furthers this approach.
Predictors of foot care behaviours in patients with diabetes in Turkey
J. Jaime Miranda –– Diabetes foot care is important. Now, the dyad of obesity and diabetes means that more people are and will be at risk of diabetes foot ulcers and amputations. This manuscript will be useful for people in the diabetes and clinical areas as well as behavioural and psychology areas. Also important for those planning future interventions.
Physical activity during pregnancy and its influence on delivery time: a randomized clinical trial
Robert Fruscio –– This paper address an issue that is commonly asked in the clnical activity by patients and supports that physical activity during pregnancy should be encouraged
Evaluation of DESS as a storage medium for microbial community analysis
Michael LaMontagne –– This article may help investigators preserve microbiome samples for future studies.
Suppression of hesA mutation on nitrogenase activity in Paenibacillus polymyxa WLY78 with the addition of high levels of molybdate or cystine
Pedro Silva –– Additional insight on the possible function of hesA in FeMoco biosynthesis

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