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Exploring the spatiotemporal changes in carbon storage under different development scenarios in Jiangsu Province, China
"This is a very timely article providing evidence for the carbon storage potential in a region under various scenarios."
Jörg Oehlmann, Handling Editor
Nickel mine soil is a potential source for soybean plant growth promoting and heavy metal tolerant rhizobia
"The authors identified in their study heavy metal tolerant rhizobia which do not only support plant survival and growth but offer also possibilities to phytoremediate heavy metal contaminated soils."
Jörg Oehlmann, Handling Editor
Machine learning driven by environmental covariates to estimate high-resolution PM2.5 in data-poor regions
"This paper constructed a random forest (RF) model and a bagging algorithm model based on ground-monitored PM2.5 data, aerosol optical depth and meteorological data, and auxiliary geographical variables to accurately estimate the spatial distribution of PM2.5 concentrations in Xinjiang. It provides important high resolution data and method reference for other research work."
Xinfeng Wang, Handling Editor
Measurement of dispersion of PM 2.5 in Thailand using confidence intervals for the coefficient of variation of an inverse Gaussian distribution
"The paper proposes and introduces a novel method which is useful for the assessment of air quality."
Jörg Oehlmann, Handling Editor
Characteristics of solar radiation at Xiaotang, in the northern marginal zone of the Taklimakan Desert
"It is beneficial to fully understand the characteristics of solar radiation and the influence of sand and dust on solar radiation at Taklimakan Desert."
Jingzhe Wang, Handling Editor
Impacts of climate change on water resources in the major countries along the Belt and Road
"Impacts of climate change and variability on regional water availability is a hot research topic, and the Belt and Road Initiative spans a quite number of countries. The research results should attract a large number of readers."
Guobin Fu, Handling Editor
Analysis of how the spatial and temporal patterns of fire and their bioclimatic and anthropogenic drivers vary across the Amazon rainforest in El Niño and non-El Niño years
"This article may have significance in the light of climate change considerations for forest fires."
Valsaraj KT, Handling Editor
Disintegration half-life of biodegradable plastic films on different marine beach sediments
"Plastic pollution is a universal issue, and several options are constantly being researched such as, biodegradable plastics, bioplastics (or to avoid plastic altogether!). Current manuscript highlights one such approach to study a long term evaluation of disintegration of biodegradable plastic films in the seawater/beach sediment."
Sanket Joshi, Handling Editor
Towards an open and synergistic framework for mapping global land cover
"A novel and interesting algorithm to integrate currentglobal thematic land cover maps to derive a time series of 30 m general land cover maps."
Jingzhe Wang, Handling Editor
A new HSI denoising method via interpolated block matching 3D and guided filter
"An interesting method for denoising Hyperspectral Images."
Lei Wang, Handling Editor

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Exploring the spatiotemporal changes in carbon storage under different development scenarios in Jiangsu Province, China https://t.co/KW26YcX2qj @thePeerJ https://t.co/1ACzYjRB3a