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Plastic additives: challenges in ecotox hazard assessment
Monika Mortimer –– The article presents an excellent synthesis of the state of the art in environmental impacts of plastic additives released from micro- and nanosized plastic particles. It is of interest to a wide audience ranging from regulators and toxicologists to plastics manufacturers.
Potentially toxic metal(loid) distribution and migration in the bottom weathering profile of indigenous zinc smelting slag pile in clastic rock region
Carlos Zuniga-Gonzalez –– Potentially toxic metal (loid) distribution and migration in the bottom weathering profile of indigenous zinc smelting slag pile in clastic rock region is a contribution to be considered in policies to mitigate environmental impact, fundamentally in countries where indigenous people and those living in poverty can be affected by intoxication.
Examining long-term natural vegetation dynamics in the Aral Sea Basin applying the linear spectral mixture model
Jianjun Zhang –– This paper introduces the Linear Spectral Mixture Model to examine long-term natural vegetation dynamics.
The effect of brewery spent grain application on biogas yields and kinetics in co-digestion with sewage sludge
Sanket Joshi –– Biogas, a well-known source of energy, could benefit both waste treatment aspects and affordable energy security. Current paper highlights synergistic effects of using sewage sludge with brewery spent grain on biogas yields and kinetics.
Estimating salt content of vegetated soil at different depths with Sentinel-2 data
Marcia Marques –– The subject has high relevance in terms of soil salination monitoring and modeling, a hot topic for soil fertility and sustainable soil management.
Effects of plastic mulching on the accumulation and distribution of macro and micro plastics in soils of two farming systems in Northwest China
Najat Saliba –– This article evaluates the accumulation and distribution of agricultural plastic debris. A topic of high interest to many disciplines.
Characterizing carbonyl compounds and their sources in Fuzhou ambient air, southeast of China
Valsaraj KT –– OVOCs are very important in the formation of smog in many urban areas.
Cryptosporidium spp. and Giardia duodenalis emissions from humans and animals in the Three Gorges Reservoir in Chongqing, China
Joseph Gillespie –– Hunag et al. develop a model that estimates Cryptosporidium and G. duodenalis emissions from human and animal feces in the Three Gorges Reservoir and predicts the effects of sanitation, urbanization, and population growth on oocyst and cyst emissions for 2050.
A digital mapping application for quantifying and displaying air temperatures at high spatiotemporal resolutions in near real-time across Australia
Xinfeng Wang –– This work created near real-time air temperature maps at a high spatial resolution across Australia using the thin plate spline interpolation in concert with a digital elevation model and ‘live’ recordings, and then applied them to a fully automated mapping system, It has methodological innovation and important practical value.
Study of marsh wetland landscape pattern evolution on the Zoigê Plateau due to natural/human dual-effects
Guobin Fu –– The Ruoergai (Zoige) is the largest plateau wetland in the world, therefore such a study has many implications for plateau wetland ecosystem.
Environmental Science

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