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Dietary plant flavonoid supplementation for poultry as a potent scavenger of hydroxyl radicals and antioxidants: A Review
Natural Products, Organic Chemistry (other), Organic Compounds
Antimicrobial and antioxidant potential from Piper marginatum roots
Bioorganic Chemistry, Natural Products
Facile imine synthesis under green conditions using Amberlyst® 15
Green Chemistry, Catalysis, Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Polysulfide-assisted urea synthesis from carbon monoxide and ammonia in water
Green Chemistry, Organic Chemistry (other), Synthetic Organic Chemistry
GC-MS analysis of phytochemical compounds of Opuntia megarrhiza (Cactaceae), an endangered plant of Mexico
Organic Chemistry (other), Organic Compounds, Photochemistry
New insights into the mechanism of Schiff base synthesis from aromatic amines in the absence of acid catalyst or polar solvents
Catalysis, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Physical Organic Chemistry
Synthesis and biological activity of 1,4-pentadien-3-one derivatives containing triazine scaffolds
Green Chemistry, Natural Products, Organic Chemistry (other), Organic Compounds, Synthetic Organic Chemistry

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