Wenfa Ng


I am a citizen scientist interested in a broad range of research fields spanning the engineering sciences to physics, chemistry and biology. Most importantly, I endeavour to solve important problems at the interface of engineering and natural sciences. For the foreseeable future, I am focusing on a dual thrust into materials science and engineering and biology from an engineering perspective. General area of interest to me is in energy conversion and storage through engineering new materials and processes at the inorganic, organic, and of greatest interest to me, biology level. Allied research fields in this broad thrust into solving one of the most important challenges of humanity at present, the climate change, clean energy and water nexus; include synthetic biology (protein engineering, metabolic engineering etc.), catalysis, molecular and cellular microbiology, and chemical and environmental engineering. Educated as an environmental engineer at the National University of Singapore, I also have a research-based masters in chemical engineering from my alma mater. Multiple stints as teaching assistant during my tenure as masters student introduced me to the importance of educating the next generation of students, a task I associate fully with a professorial role. Drawing on research skills I learnt, I attempt to fill pedagogy gaps in encouraging critical thinking in students and designed an inquiry-based learning module based on MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry.

Biochemistry Bioengineering Biotechnology Environmental Sciences Microbiology

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