Marco A Herrera-Valdez


I am a mathematician and a scientist. My interests center around complex adaptive systems, especially in biology. My research focuses on studying nonlinear phenomena involving different levels of (biological) organization. My background is a mixture of formal training in mathematics and life sciences (biosketch), which explains my research interests and the ways I tackle research questions. In my work I combine mathematics, biophysics, and physiology, using theoretical and experimental approaches. I teach at undergraduate and graduate levels and train students to do research. I also do some work on non-academic fronts, consulting on projects in computational science, operations research, and epidemiology.

In my current research I combine theory of dynamical systems, graph theory, computational simulations, and neurophysiological experiments to study biophysical principles underlying the activity in neuronal microcircuits. Understanding the general principles underlying the changes and the adaptability of microcircuit activity is key to establish mechanistic explanations about phenomena occurring at high levels of organisation such as behaviour, learning and memory, immunological processes, etc. Further, the mathematical principles unveiled by research like the above are applicable to other areas of research.

Anatomy & Physiology Animal Behavior Biophysics Computational Biology Mathematical Biology Network Science & Online Social Networks Neuroscience

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Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Facultad de Ciencias, Departamento de Matemáticas


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