Pennsylvania State University

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16 Peer-reviewed Articles

8 Preprints

Fossil fern rhizomes as a model system for biotic interactions across geologic time: Evidence from Patagonia
227 views · 126 downloads
Gene expression of settled and metamorphosed Orbicella faveolata during establishment of symbiosis
220 views · 90 downloads
Comprehensive phylogenomic analyses resolve cnidarian relationships and the origins of key organismal traits
1,379 views · 680 downloads
Unraveling a resilient reef: structure and composition of Varadero, an imperiled coral reef in the Colombian Caribbean
454 views · 197 downloads
Genome-wide survey of single-nucleotide polymorphisms reveals fine-scale population structure and signs of selection in the threatened Caribbean elkhorn coral, Acropora palmata
314 views · 122 downloads
Evolutionary analysis of vision genes identifies potential drivers of visual differences between giraffe and okapi
488 views · 126 downloads

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