Annual Institutional Memberships

Flat fee, unlimited publishing

Unlimited, frictionless Open Access publishing. Your faculty will never have to worry about paying an APC again

Providing guaranteed value, significant cost savings and a reduction in administration, PeerJ Annual Institutional Memberships (AIMs) simplify OA and are an important step towards globally equitable open science

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Significant cost savings

Authors affiliated with a Member institution can publish without any additional article fees in PeerJ's journal portfolio. This removes a barrier to choosing Open Access, enabling authors to publish their research without any additional costs or administration.

Reduce your administration

PeerJ aims to make Annual Institutional Memberships (AIMs) as frictionless as possible for institutional partners, as well as their authors. A single annual payment reduces your administrative overheads - and associated costs. We'll recognize eligible authors, so there's no need to make regular approvals, or you can choose to manually approve if you prefer.

You'll have access to a detailed dashboard and regular reports on how your Membership is being used, which will include regularly updated projections on your renewal fee.

Guaranteed value

With our option to carry over any Membership fee, you can ensure your AIM will never cost more than the equivalent APCs. By purchasing a Membership, you are already supporting our mission of an OA future without APCs, but you can also choose to contribute to our Global Publishing Fund and support globally equitable OA.

"Our Institutional Membership works well for us for a few reasons: it allows us to predictably plan our expenses for the year, doesn’t require us to closely monitor funds, and doesn’t create a situation where we may have to tell authors that the funds are already spent. This helps us promote Open Access publishing because we can confidently tell all our authors that they can publish in PeerJ journals at no cost to them."
Colleen Lyon
Head of Scholarly Communications
University of Texas Libraries
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About PeerJ

PeerJ publishes impactful research across our portfolio. Since 2013 we've published over 16,500 articles, peer-reviewed by our international Editorial Boards of over 2,000 respected academics.

Publishing with PeerJ maximises the visibility and discoverability of research:

  • Our journals are indexed in PubMed, Journal Citation Reports, Google Scholar, Scopus, Europe PMC and more.
  • Our journals are fully Open Access, making them compliant with initiatives such as Plan S.
  • receives over 1m visitors a month, and over 50,000 researchers receive regular content alerts to new research.
  • Our research is regularly featured in the international press, and our blog provides in depth interviews with our authors and editors.

Our institutional partners include UC Berkeley, University of Sussex, University of Ottawa, Iowa State University and 185 more view all institutions.


AIM is a new business model offered by PeerJ that provides unlimited, frictionless open access publishing for faculty members of an institution.

Once an institution purchases an AIM, any article under review at PeerJ or submitted over the following 12 months by authors affiliated with the Member institution will be published without any additional fees. The price of membership is tiered based on the institution's publishing history in PeerJ's journal portfolio.

No, there are no limits on the number of articles that can be published by authors affiliated with a Member institution during their membership.

The price of AIM is tiered and is based on the institution's publishing history in PeerJ's journal portfolio. The entry tier is determined by the average number of articles published by affiliated authors in PeerJ journals over the previous 5 years.

If an institution exceeds the top range of the articles in their current Tier, they will be moved up to the appropriate Tier when they renew their membership.

Authors who publish using an AIM benefit from the waiving of page fees that are currently charged for articles longer than 40 typeset pages. Optional author services such as copy-editing, graphical abstracts, and video abstracts are not included but can be purchased by authors.

Eligible authors will be recognized by their email addresses, and any affiliated authors with non-standard email address stems can request to use the Membership via an institutional landing page on the PeerJ site, subject to approval.

Yes, an institution can choose not to renew their membership. Any articles already under review when the membership ends that go on to be accepted for publication will still be published without charge.

PeerJ will regularly provide usage reports and projections of AIM renewal. If the equivalent APC cost for articles accepted during the previous year would have been less than the Membership cost, the difference can be carried over towards renewal or contributed to PeerJ's Global Publishing Fund, which supports authors without the means to publish OA.

Institutions can contact us to find how many of their authors publish at PeerJ already, and explore how to become a Member.

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