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23 November
University of Exeter Exeter, united kingdom
We are looking for a student with strong computational skills and a fascination about our natural world and the place of humans within it, to join a large EU funded project SEACHANGE focused on understanding...
22 November
The Department of Landscape Ecology and Vegetation Science at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart (Germany) seeks a PhD student in ecology (m/f/d; 65% TV-L E13). Preferred starting date for this position...
19 November
Boise State University Boise, united states
We are looking for a PhD student for an interdisciplinary archaeological science project at Boise State University. Using samples from rockshelters in the region, the project aims to develop an understanding...
17 November
University of Vienna Vienna, austria
The Vienna Doctoral School of Ecology and Evolution (VDSEE) of the University of Vienna is devoted to educating students in advancing our knowledge on the ecology and evolution of extant and ancestral...
12 November
Durham University Durham, united kingdom
Background: Globally, urbanisation represents a major process of landscape-scale habitat change. Urbanisation is typically associated with both reductions in biodiversity and altered patterns of species’...
12 November
Durham University Durham, united kingdom
Plant invasions can have major ecological impacts on the systems they colonise, and these impacts can be indirect, mediated through the interactions between resident species and invasive plants. In São...
11 November
Tulane University New Orleans, united states
The Farrer Lab in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Tulane University is currently recruiting a PhD student to begin Fall 2022. The research will focus on investigating the impacts...
9 November
NOKUT Trondheim, norway
A PhD position is available at the Department of Arctic and Marine Biology (AMB), Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics (BFE). The position is within cross-ecosystem food-web responses to climate...
3 November
University of Liverpool Liverpool, united kingdom
Maternal effects arise when the environment or phenotype of the mother influences the phenotype of her offspring. Theory predicts that when environments are heterogeneous and predictable parents should...
24 August
Call for Papers
Submit your research to this PeerJ Life and Environment Special Issue focussed on exploring our understanding of the evolution and consequences of animal personality.
10 August
Call for Papers
Remote sensing, and its multiple applications, are significantly impacting how biodiversity scientists are collecting and analyzing data. Professor Patricia Gandini and Dr Diogo Provete – Section Editors...

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