Earn Tokens as a PeerJ Reviewer

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Position: PeerJ Reviewer

Task description

When you peer review a submission for any journal at PeerJ you earn 10 PeerJ Tokens (a $100 APC discount). Tokens can be exchanged for discounts on your next Article Processing Charge. - Tokens can be accumulated or "stacked" - Tokens can be pooled with your co-authors to maximize your discount - Tokens can be transferred to a colleague to help them publish Open Access **Reviewer Tokens** 1. [Sign up as a PeerJ Reviewer](https://peerj.com/about/contributor-rewards) 2. Receive your first invitation to review (5 Tokens) 3. Review a submission (10 Tokens)


PeerJ Tokens are shareable - co-authors can allocate their Tokens to a single submission to maximize your discount. You can also transfer your PeerJ Tokens to a colleague so that they can publish at PeerJ for a discounted price. There's no limit on your APC discount. If you and your colleagues accrue enough Tokens you can earn a 100% APC discount.
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[Sign up as a PeerJ Reviewer](https://peerj.com/about/contributor-rewards)

p.s. be sure to mention this PeerJ listing when you reach out to the contact.