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15 hours ago
University of Plymouth Plymouth, united kingdom
Cetaceans are charismatic yet vulnerable marine animals that capture the public imagination whilst serving a vital ecological role in our oceans. But many whale populations are still recovering from historic...
2 days ago
Altos Labs San Franciso, united states
Atlos Labs Bay Area Institute is looking for adventurous cell engineers and synthetic biologists who are familiar with mammalian systems. We want to perturb and measure with precision tools & design new...
3 days ago
University of Exeter Exeter, united kingdom
Many of the most important problems we face today are related to the environment. Climate change, healthy oceans, water security, clean air, biodiversity loss, and resilience to extreme events all play...
19 January
University of British Columbia Vancouver, canada
The lecturer will have several different responsibilities. They will teach the following online courses as part of our China exchange program: FRST210, Forest Plant Biology II, a course that covers the...
18 January
University College Cork Cork, ireland
Are you a Health Science Professional who is interested in conducting research whilst in employment? Employment-based PhD Scholarships for Health Science Professionals The College of Medicine and...
17 January
Durham University Durham, united kingdom
The University is committed to enabling all of our colleagues to achieve their full potential. We promote and maintain an inclusive and supportive environment to ensure that all colleagues can thrive....
13 January
AIR Centre London, united kingdom
Place-based management is a common strategy for managing ocean activities and safeguarding vulnerable species and their habitats. Generally implemented as a static approach, such strategies aim to separate...
12 January
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Maryland, united states
The Public Engagement Program at SERC is searching for a postdoctoral fellow to participate in a project related to professional development for environmental educators. The fellow will lead development...
10 January
University of Warsaw Warsaw, poland
Main focus: Working in close collaboration with the PARADIVE team in developing and maintaining fossil databases and website as well as fossil preparation, imaging (microscopy, tomography) and cataloguing...
21 December 2021
Aston University Aston, united kingdom
Area of Research: Bioenergy, net-zero, climate change, sustainability, chemical engineering, technoeconomic assessment, environmental assessment Project Summary, Aim and Objectives: Are you interesting...
9 December 2021
Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry Jena, germany
Soils harbour an immense diversity of microorganisms that are critical to ecosystem functioning. Microbial communities in soil are significant drivers of soil carbon cycling – they control the fate of...
22 November 2021
PeerJ united kingdom, united states
PeerJ is an award-winning, open access, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal publisher covering many academic disciplines (including biology, life science, medicine, environmental science, computer science...
16 November 2021
The National Oceanography Centre Cambridge, united kingdom
Rationale: Sub-Antarctic South Georgia (SG) is a marine biodiversity hotspot and was historically a very important feeding ground for whales, with >170,000 whales killed in local waters during 20th century...
29 October 2021
University of Sheffield Sheffield, united kingdom
Engagement with nature can deliver health and well-being benefits, but empirical evidence linking these benefits to biodiversity is equivocal, and mechanistic pathways are poorly understood. Previous research...
26 October 2021
Call for Papers
A call for papers led by Professor Vladimir Uversky, University of South Florida, on emergence phenomena in biology.
14 September 2021
Call for Papers
“The development of Internet of Things applications, complex applications that require a deep knowledge of several abstraction layers of computing systems, presents a whole set of new challenges in several...
7 September 2021
Call for Papers
Nano- and Microplastics in the Environment Single-use plastics are like a double-edged sword: on the one hand, plastics have revolutionized many areas of everyday life, on the other hand, their mass...
24 August 2021
Call for Papers
Submit your research to this PeerJ Life and Environment Special Issue focussed on exploring our understanding of the evolution and consequences of animal personality.

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