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17 May
Nanyang Technological University Singapore, singapore
The Earth Observatory of Singapore at Nanyang Technological University is seeking applications for a Research Assistant with proven field research experience in coral reef science. The Research Assistant...
17 May
Babraham Institute Cambridge, united kingdom
Peter Rugg-Gunn’s team at the Babraham Institute are looking to recruit a Postdoctoral Research Scientist to lead a project that will investigate the epigenetic regulation of lineage specification during...
17 May
University of Hull Hull, united kingdom
The Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Hull wishes to appoint up to 14 PhD Graduate Teaching Assistants to provide teaching-support to lecturing staff for the new Artificial Intelligence...
17 May
University of Amsterdam Amsterdam, the netherlands
Do you want to help us to set up the AI, Media & Democracy Lab? We are looking for 3 postdoctoral researchers: a postdoctoral researcher in information law; a postdoctoral researcher communication...
8 March
Call for Papers
This PeerJ Materials Science Special Issue will publish the latest research into the development and characterization of hydrogels within biomedical applications.

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