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5 days ago
University of St. Andrews St Andrews, united kingdom
It may seem obvious that a bird’s nest plays an important role in reproduction. For example, the eggs or young in a nest that is exposed to predators, in a nest that gets too wet or too cold or is too...
8 October
University of Amsterdam Amsterdam, the netherlands
Do you have an MSc in Marine Biology, Ecology or Environmental Science, and are you interested in how reef-building corals are impacted by multiple climate change stressors? Are you excited to elucidate...
6 October
DTU Denmark, denmark
We seek a highly motivated Postdoc to push the boundaries for development and application of engineered microorganisms for identification of microbial signals and signaling processes in soil- and rhizosphere...
1 October
Queen's University Kingston, canada
A Post-Doctoral position is available in the computational analysis of high-throughput sequencing data (Illumina + Oxford Nanopore) for the study of microbial communities, with an emphasis on ticks and...
24 August
Call for Papers
Submit your research to this PeerJ Life and Environment Special Issue focussed on exploring our understanding of the evolution and consequences of animal personality.
10 August
Call for Papers
Remote sensing, and its multiple applications, are significantly impacting how biodiversity scientists are collecting and analyzing data. Professor Patricia Gandini and Dr Diogo Provete – Section Editors...

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