AI Applications – a new article type for PeerJ Computer Science

by | Apr 15, 2024 | Announcement, Company News, Computer Science

In response to requests from the community, we are pleased to introduce a new article type in PeerJ Computer Science aimed at showcasing innovative applications of artificial intelligence techniques – ‘AI Applications’.

AI Application articles present research relating to the study of artificial intelligence techniques – such as machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and intelligent systems – and their application. The application of these techniques does not need to be in fields related to computer science – they can be applied to areas such as medicine, life sciences, social sciences, geographic sciences, chemistry, education, business and more.

Policies and Procedures for AI Applications articles (see bullet 2 here):

  1. Simple application (or cross-evaluation) of existing tools to datasets without a clear articulation of the need for, and limitations of, the method(s) will not be considered.
  2. AI Application articles must demonstrate how the techniques discussed can be used to solve practical problems.
  3. The article must include a research methodology that demonstrates improvement to current practices in the relevant field.
  4. Where possible, the technique should be compared to existing methods, to demonstrate the improvement.
  5. Submitted articles must be technically robust and clearly presented; code and data (original or third party) must also be freely available to ensure sound science and reproducibility.

We invite researchers to submit their AI Application articles to PeerJ Computer Science. For more information on submission guidelines and to submit your article, please visit our Author Guidelines pages.

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