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Susanne M. Brander


Dr. Susanne Brander studies the responses of aquatic organisms to environmental stressors across biological scales, with a focus on discerning mechanisms of toxicity and linking results of laboratory experiments and field data to population-level responses. Recent work examines the impacts of endocrine disrupting compounds on gene and protein expression, fecundity, and sex ratio. Current projects include an evaluation of multi-generational responses to toxicants in the context of global climate change and a study on the trophic transfer of microplastics. Brander has recently published in Scientific Reports, Environmental Science & Technology, Aquatic Toxicology, and Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry.

Aquatic & Marine Chemistry Biochemistry Ecotoxicology Environmental Contamination & Remediation Environmental Impacts Environmental Sciences Genomics Toxicology

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Oregon State University
September 2017
Environmental and Molecular Toxicology

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