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Justin W L Keogh


A/Prof Keogh's primary research interests focus on the role of muscular hypertrophy, strength and power in functional performance. Portions of this research focus on strength and power sports such as strongman, powerlifting and rugby. Considerable research also focuses on older adults with chronic diseases/geriatric conditions e.g. cancer and sarcopenia, with prostate cancer and residential aged care (nursing homes) being a focus. Some of the older adult research also uses quantitative and qualitative approaches to examine the perceived barriers, facilitators, risks and benefits of exercise in these chronic disease groups.

Director of the Bond University Research Centre for Health, Exercise and Sports Science
Member, Project Steering Committee for The Watermemories Swim Club, a research project funded by Dementia Community Support Grants Program, Australia
Member, Board of Directors of International Society of Biomechanics in Sport

Geriatrics Kinesiology Oncology

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Associate Professor, Exercise and Sports Science

Bond University
Faculty of health Sciences and Medicine

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