Jason R. Ali


Current main research areas: (1) India-Asia collision system; (2) Emeishan LIP, SW China (generation mechanism; cause-effect link to the mid-Capitanian mass extinction); (3) Permian breakup of eastern Gondwana; (4) Meso–Cenozoic biogeography (Madagascar, India, West Indies, Galapagos, Seychelles). Previous projects: (a) Paleogene stratigraphy/time-scale; (b) tectonics of SE Asia and the West and SW Pacific; (c) alignment of churches - Medieval (England and Wales) and early 18C (London).

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University of Hong Kong
Earth Sciences


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19 Dec 2014

Hi Michael et al. I think you can be reasonably confident of the LCC Fm's age (~146 Ma). Also, the unit is overlain by the Long Harbour Fm, which is dated at about 142 Ma. Actua...