Andrew R Cuff


Andrew graduated from the University of Bristol in 2010 with an MSci in Palaeontolgy and Evolution. He continued his research at the University of Bristol and completed his PhD on biomechanics of ornithomimosaurs in early 2014 before taking up a Levhulme Postdoctorate position at UCL and the Royal Veterinary College.

Andrew is looking at how the felid biomechanics change within the group in terms of myology and osteology with respect to size. Felids seem to be unique amongst mammals for having a large size range but not changing their posture or gait with this increase in size. Of particular interest is the effect this has on the vertebral column.

In addition to the research being carried out by himself at UCL and the RVC, Andrew is collaborating with researchers at the University of Bristol and continuing work from his PhD looking at the evolution of theropod dinosaur crania with respect to biomechanics and diets, as well as studies on marine reptiles, crurotarsans.

Bioengineering Evolutionary Studies Paleontology

Work details

Postdoctoral Researcher

Royal Veterinary College
December 2016

Postdoctorate researcher

University College London
February 2014 - August 2016
Genetics, Evolution and Environment

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