Tamas Fulop
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Tamas Fulop


Dr. Tamàs Fülöp is Assistant Director of the Age Research Centre and Full Professor within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the Université de Sherbrooke in Quebec, Canada. He is also Head of the Immune Inflammation Laboratory and Medical Director of the Memory Clinic.

M.D: From the Unversity of Geneva.

His postdoctoral research was in the biochemistry of connective tissues, and his PhD is in immunology and gerontology. His research interest is aging in relation to immunity.

Cell Biology Cognitive Disorders Geriatrics Immunology Internal Medicine Nutrition

Work details

Full Professor

Université de Sherbrooke
Research summary: We are studying the immunological changes with aging. We are interested in the signal transduction of lymphocyte subpopulations (naïve, memory, …). We are investigating the early signalling changes in relation to changes in membrane composition (Lck, Csk, ..) We are also studying the role of immunosenescence in the development and progression of Alzheimer disease (AD). We investigate the lymphocytes subpopulations, the macrophage functions and the role of chronic virus infection by Cytomegalovirus. We are also interested in the role of immunosenescence in the tolerability of chemotherapy in elderly subjects. We study the functions, the phenotypic distribution and the signalling. We study the role of the innate and adaptive immune response in the altered vaccine response of healthy elderly subjects and suffering from T2DM. Techniques and equipment used: WB, FACScan, Confocal microscopy, Biochemistry, siRNA, ELISA, lipid rafts separation, etc Intra- and extra-institutional collaborations: Immunology programme of the University of Sherbrooke, Tubingen, Gdansk, Detroit, Besançon, Paris. Students: Four PhD students

Assistant Director, Research Centre on Aging

Université de Sherbrooke
Research Centre on Aging
Research Themes: Signalling pathways of lymphocyte T cells and neutrophils in aging and their roles in the alteration of the immune function in aging; Immune cell apoptosis in aging and atherosclerosis; The role of inflammation in aging; The effects of lipids on immune response and on inflammation; The role of elastin peptides in breast cancer metastasis; The role of lipids in inflammation in diabetes; The immune response in hypercholesterolemia; Biological determinants of frailty


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