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@thePeerJ https://t.co/i6sV71Ecjr #EnvironmentalSciences #MarineBiology #MolecularBiology #Parasitology #Zoology

@AustinWatershed @texas_IB examined the probability of movement into subterranean habitat by a population of #endangered Barton Springs #salamanders Read the full @PeerJLife article https://t.co/78bBAqKjke #Conservation #AmphibianMovement https://t.co/oVLadkIT5p

Garibian et al. @buffalostate present a revision of #Bosminopsis #deitersi (Crustacea: Cladocera) as an ancient species group Read the @PeerJLife article https://t.co/QhOC2eLAPx #Biodiversity #Biogeography #Zoology https://t.co/KY5zqu54xH

The biosonar of the boto: evidence of differences among species of river dolphins (Inia spp.) from the Amazon https://t.co/RA8vKjt3TX @thePeerJ https://t.co/WFV9cKQiYv

An article I handled as editor has been published today @thePeerJ https://t.co/apMEbYM9II #Ecology #MarineBiology #Zoology

Happy Earth Day! Check out this rad paper: focus on evenness when making a pollinator garden to have the biggest impact @thePeerJ https://t.co/RWSkipmYtw #ConservationBiology #Ecology #Entomology #Zoology

Congratulations to Eden Mannix-Fisher @EdenMannix on the publication of the first paper from her PhD! The antimicrobial activity of silver acetate against Acinetobacter baumannii in a Galleria mellonella infection model https://t.co/HdX54JgOaE cc @SamMacX13

Photoperiod induced the pituitary differential regulation of lncRNAs and mRNAs related to reproduction in sheep https://t.co/WBGhQcLfK8 @thePeerJ https://t.co/pozRkn8kkP