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Multi-predator assemblages, dive type, bathymetry and sex influence foraging success and efficiency in African penguins
Patricia Gandini –– A very interesting study that combines technologies that provide important information on foraging efficiency and foraging succes of the African penguin.
Immune priming against bacteria in spiders and scorpions?
Brock Harpur –– This article documents tentative evidence of immune priming in non-model arthropods. It will be a valuable resource for those interested in priming.
Descriptions of five new species of the salamander genus Chiropterotriton (Caudata: Plethodontidae) from eastern Mexico and the status of three currently recognized taxa
Nikolay Poyarkov –– This is a very important contribution to our knowledge on Chiropterotriton diversity and taxonomy.
Effects of rumen bypass melatonin feeding (RBMF) on milk quality and mastitis of Holstein cows
Dunxian Tan –– The authors reported a new method to deal with the cow mastitis which is convenient and safe. If the results are confirmed, it is valuable for the diary farm to improve diary quality.
Application of a high-quality, high-volume trap–neuter–return model of community cats in Seoul, Korea
Dorothee Bienzle –– The world-wide problem of how to handle non-owned cat populations remains unsolved. This article contributes meaningful information in that respect.
Evolution of sexual size dimorphism in the wing musculature of Drosophila
Darren Williams –– Variation in courtship song between species may be a due to changes in structural or functional networks that pattern song …yet anatomical or physiological changes to muscles, that generate the song, may also contribute significantly. Evolving bodies to evolve behaviour......where the rubber hits the road! This elegant study opens up a fascinating area of research.
No evidence for negative impacts of acute sulfoxaflor exposure on bee olfactory conditioning or working memory
Jennifer Vonk –– Very important to look at effects of human agents on wildlife.
Impact of digital video analytics on accuracy of chemobehavioural phenotyping in aquatic toxicology
Jörg Oehlmann –– Because behaviorual endpoints are increasingly considered in ecotoxicological studies, the question and potential impacts of different data processing tools and software are important and relevant to come to valid results.
Use of factor scores in multiple regression analysis for estimation of body weight by certain body measurements in Romanov Lambs
Arda Yildirim –– In animal husbandry, knowing the relationship between body weight and other body measurements is of great importance. This is a very interesting article addressing an important issue.
The use of biochar in animal feeding
Melanie Kah –– Finally a comprehensive and critical review on the use of biochar in animal feeding!
Zoological Science

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Integrating population genetic structure, microbiome, and pathogens presence data in Dermacentor variabilis https://t.co/acwQ2uFyiK @thePeerJ https://t.co/j5YCLWgsDx

New in @thePeerJ Universality vs experience: a cross-cultural pilot study on the consonance effect in music at different altitudes https://t.co/SRUJ7Gi4y2 Spoiler - No effect of altitude :)

Modifying effects of leaf litter extracts from invasive versus native tree species on copper-induced responses in Lemna minor https://t.co/Gjd69OcYNe @thePeerJ https://t.co/i9zKMZH6qS

Rodents’ responses to manipulated plant litter and seed densities: implications for restoration https://t.co/viisNiiU84 @thePeerJ https://t.co/X5Ael3Hkg6

A little frog leaps a long way: compounded colonizations of the Indian Subcontinent discovered in the tiny Oriental frog genus Microhyla (Amphibia: Microhylidae) https://t.co/WL4Fe6uZ4I @thePeerJ https://t.co/oO0oEAbiSY

The impact of short-term exposure to near shore stressors on the early life stages of the reef building coral Montipora capitata https://t.co/bLNnmeZ3cs @thePeerJ