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Descriptions of five new species of the salamander genus Chiropterotriton (Caudata: Plethodontidae) from eastern Mexico and the status of three currently recognized taxa
Nikolay Poyarkov –– This is a very important contribution to our knowledge on Chiropterotriton diversity and taxonomy.
The ability of oriental magpies (Pica serica) to solve baited multiple-string problems
Jennifer Vonk –– Magpies have not previously been tested in this paradigm and it is important to understand how widespread various types of reasoning are to understand the evolutionary pressures responsible for selecting such traits.
Effects of rumen bypass melatonin feeding (RBMF) on milk quality and mastitis of Holstein cows
Dunxian Tan –– The authors reported a new method to deal with the cow mastitis which is convenient and safe. If the results are confirmed, it is valuable for the diary farm to improve diary quality.
A scoping review of determinants of performance in dressage
Eric Bauman –– This paper provides a well rounded review of the literature.
Clinical applicability of the Feline Grimace Scale: real-time versus image scoring and the influence of sedation and surgery
Eric Bauman –– The article is novel and provides a starting place for a portfolio of like investigation.
A multiplex centrality metric for complex social networks: sex, social status, and family structure predict multiplex centrality in rhesus macaques
Tjeerd Boonstra –– Using multilayer networks to better describe and understand animal social systems is a rapidly growing area of interest. This paper presents a novel approach for analyzing such data, and so offers a valuable contribution to its field.
Acoustic divergence in advertisement calls among three sympatric Microhyla species from East China
Jia-Yong Zhang –– The paper is inferring to the acoustic divergence advertisement calls among three sympatric Microhyla species from East China.
Effects of outdoor ranging on external and internal health parameters for hens from different rearing enrichments
Javier Alvarez-Rodriguez –– Eggs meeting consumer demands. This manuscript provides some pros and cons in outdoor laying hen production.
Application of a high-quality, high-volume trap–neuter–return model of community cats in Seoul, Korea
Dorothee Bienzle –– The world-wide problem of how to handle non-owned cat populations remains unsolved. This article contributes meaningful information in that respect.
Occurrence, ecological function and medical importance of dermestid beetle hastisetae
Joseph Gillespie –– Important contribution to the field that presents detailed information on the biology of an important human pest.
Zoological Science

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Кто проживает в горах океана? Astrolirus patricki – семирукие морские звезды, обнаруженные на подводных горах Тихого океана в компании губок, на которые иногда даже по трое забираются. Новый вид назван, конечно же, в честь Патрика, дружочка Спанч Боба.

Exact integer linear programming solvers outperform simulated annealing for solving conservation planning problems https://t.co/evOIQae7lI @thePeerJ https://t.co/3nEu1FQJU7

Parra-Olea et al. (https://t.co/BAy3WfR9lk). Partial revision of the genus, phylogenetic hypothesis, and five new species of the Mexican plethodontid salamander genus Chiropterotriton (C. casasi, C. ceronorum, C. melipona, C. perotensis, C. totonacus) https://t.co/8Sok4icU41 https://t.co/Y6Byib66zG

Microbiome analysis by primmorphs. Took more than year to publish https://t.co/8gcUsHlzfM с помощью @thePeerJ