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Coverage and quality of DNA barcode references for Central and Northern European Odonata
Diogo Provete –– Reviews DNA barcode of dragonflies for Europa. Surely will be a starting point for researchers in the area for years to come
Pre- and post-partum variation in wool cortisol and wool micron in Australian Merino ewe sheep (Ovis aries)
Korakot Nganvongpanit –– This is an interesting article.
Transcriptomics analysis reveals the effect of Broussonetia papyrifera L. fermented feed on meat quality traits in fattening lamb
Charles Okpala –– This work supplements existing information regarding feeding strategy, which moves, not only the meat composition in terms of proteins and fatty acids but also the potential to affect gene expression.
Recruitment of toxin-like proteins with ancestral venom function supports endoparasitic lifestyles of Myxozoa
Jörg Oehlmann –– The Myxozoa are a highly-derived group of parasitic cnidarians. This study provides novel data on the presence, diversity and localization of candidate venom proteins in this group, including the potential origin and re-purposing of these chemicals from free-living ancestors.
Naturally-occurring tooth wear, tooth fracture, and cranial injuries in large carnivores from Zambia
Korakot Nganvongpanit –– You will enjoy during read this article, Naturally-occurring tooth wear, tooth fracture, and cranial injuries in large carnivores from Zambia
Morphological grounds for the obligate aerial respiration of an aquatic snail: functional and evolutionary perspectives
James Reimer –– As noted by a reviewer, this work is a nice step in understanding the evolution of an amphibious lifestyle in molluscs, and as well it has very detailed and well made illustrations and figures to illustrate the authors' observations and findings.
Retrospective study on admission trends of Californian hummingbirds found in urban habitats (1991–2016)
Leonardo Montagnani –– This study helps in understanding the threats and the possible solution for small birds living in urban areas
Sexual dimorphism in mud crabs: a tale of three sympatric Scylla species
Isabella Bordon –– Sexual dimorphism in mud crabs
Behavioral response of Panonychus citri (McGregor) (Acari: Tetranychidae) to synthetic chemicals and oils
Claudio Ramirez –– The study system is a economically important pest and the work search for a control method.
Research progress on the application of feed additives in ruminal methane emission reduction: a review
Sanket Joshi –– Current review article provides an overview of possible application of different types of feed additives in ruminant methane emission reduction activities, and a theoretical basis for future research in this direction.
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