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Recently-adopted foraging strategies constrain early chick development in a coastal breeding gull
Donald Kramer –– This study adds to the growing body of literature on the consequences of alternative foraging strategies for fitness of marine birds and provides substantial insight from a parallel aviary study with controlled diets.
An attention bias test to assess anxiety states in laying hens
Giorgio Vallortigara –– xxx
The complete mitochondrial genome of Paragonimus ohirai (Paragonimidae: Trematoda: Platyhelminthes) and its comparison with P. westermani congeners and other trematodes
Jean-Lou Justine –– This paper will become a classic for mitogenome studies in Paragonimus species, which are important pathogens.
How glyphosate and its associated acidity affect early development in zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Todd Anderson –– Developmental toxicity data on a high-profile environmental contaminant currently in the news worldwide.
Coleoptera genome and transcriptome sequences reveal numerous differences in neuropeptide signaling between species
Joseph Gillespie –– Nice compilation of information on neuropeptide signaling for a large animal group.
The cutting-edge morphology of the mole snake’s dental apparatus
Philip Cox –– As noted by one of the reviewers, this is likely the first report of sexual dimorphism in snake teeth and thus represents a significant contribution to the field.
Lateralization (handedness) in Magellanic penguins
Lesley Rogers –– To my knowledge, this is the first paper reporting lateralization of behaviour and structure in penguins. It is a comprehensive study and will make a valuable comparison to the study of lateralization in birds and other vertebrates.
Intermittent reproduction, mortality patterns and lifetime breeding frequency of females in a population of the adder (Vipera berus)
Daniel Lahr –– The study deals with an 18-year long study on reproductive behavior in a viper. This adds a large a mount of robust information to the literature. The study is basically a "must-read" and "must-cite" for further research in the area.
Evolution of digestive enzymes and dietary diversification in birds
Luis Eguiarte –– This is an important study that analyses the molecular and genomic evolution of the digestive enzymes in birds, a group that includes a wide variety of feeding strategies. The article is relevant given that birds are a charismatic and important group of animals, and also because the ideas used and developed here show a general comparative methodology for future comparative genomic studies in birds and other animals and even in plants, fungi and microbes.
The coast of giants: an anthropometric survey of high schoolers on the Adriatic coast of Croatia
Andrew Gray –– This is a fascinating study which carefully examines the extreme mean heights, and wide variation in heights, among young men and women on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, and explores the possible reasons behind this.
Zoological Science

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