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#Biomechanics of the medial #meniscus in the osteoarthritic #knee joint published in @PeerJLife article Research from Daszkiewicz and Łuczkiewicz @GdanskTech_FCEE #Bioengineering

My article has been published today in @PeerJLife #AnesthesiologyandPainManagement #ClinicalTrials #Kinesiology #Orthopedics #PublicHealth

Lower limb kinetic comparisons between the chasse step and one step footwork during stroke play in table tennis Read the full article #TableTennis #Anatomy #Physiology #Kinesiology

Traumatic #surfing injuries in New Zealand: a descriptive epidemiology study Research from Furness et al. @BondUniversity @UnitecNZ @AucklandUni Read the full article #Epidemiology #SportsInjury #SportsMedicine

Thankful to be on of this project team. The findings are meaningful, applicable, and were published in @PeerJLife . Read it at #Cardiology #Kinesiology #Orthopedics @WestfieldState @WestfieldOwls @Westfield_AT

New paper alert! Intra-subject sample size effects in plantar pressure analyses. Read it here:

Artículo publicado en la revista @PeerJLife aquí podéis leerlo #AnatomyandPhysiology #Orthopedics

Prediction and injury risk based on movement patterns and flexibility in a 6-month prospective study among physically active adults @thePeerJ

Check out our latest paper, published in @thePeerJ "Alterations in mechanical muscle characteristics and postural control induced by tennis match-play in young players" #tennis #sportsciences