Environmental Science

Modelling the dynamics of a large rock landslide in the Dolomites (eastern Italian Alps) using multi-temporal DEMs
Lei Wang –– The use of multi-time LiDAR with a GIS for landslide model calibration is interesting
Random forest as a generic framework for predictive modeling of spatial and spatio-temporal variables
Tal Svoray –– Comparison between machine learning tools and geostatistics are in the front of geosciences
Effects of mesoscale eddies on behavior of an oil spill resulting from an accidental deepwater blowout in the Black Sea: an assessment of the environmental impacts
Andrea Cucco –– The deep oil spill is still an open issue in operational oceanography and this job can be considered a further step forward in understanding this phenomenon.
Reproducible research and GIScience: an evaluation using AGILE conference papers
Nicolas Rougier –– An important study about reproducibility in GIS whose methods could be re-used in other domains.
Nitrous oxide variability at sub-kilometre resolution in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean
I. Emma Huertas –– The new dataset provided in an under explored region
The effect of biochar amendments on phenanthrene sorption, desorption and mineralisation in different soils
Paolo Giordani –– New insights for understanding the processes of sorption and mineralization of PAH in soils
Highly efficient removal of ammonia nitrogen from wastewater by dielectrophoresis-enhanced adsorption
Young-Chae Song –– Dielectrophoresis is a novel approach to remove for ammonia nitrogen from water.
What killed Frame Lake? A precautionary tale for urban planners
Bruno Marino –– The encroachment of human activity on natural systems is a complex interplay of events recorded through time and deposition of proxy indicators. "Who Killed Frame Lake.." is an iconic journey through time for the lake and its signatory participants. The future and remediation of Frame Lake is now in the hands of planners who may benefit from this example of human/nature interaction.
Suitable oasis scales under a government plan in the Kaidu-Konqi River Basin of northwest arid region, China
Hong Yang –– This paper increases our understanding of the water resource in oases in West China in the future climate change.
Sorption to soil, biochar and compost: is prediction to multicomponent mixtures possible based on single sorbent measurements?
Samuel Abiven –– This work combines technical and methodological improvements and potential applications for agriculture. It could have an impact for different aspects on the scientific community.
Environmental Science

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