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Determining the plant-pollinator network in a culturally significant food and medicine garden in the Great Lakes region
"The work provides new valuable information on plant-pollinator interactions within semi-urban ecological systems"
Javier Manjarrez, Handling Editor
Interactive effects of drought and deforestation on multitrophic communities and aquatic ecosystem functions in the Neotropics—a test using tank bromeliads
"This article deals with two factors that affect tropical environments, deforestation and changes in precipitations (droughts). The model used (bromeliad tanks) is very good for testing hypotheses, as experiments can work with a whole ecosystem. Also, these small ecosystems imply a very important proportion of tropical rainforest biodiversity, often unseen."
Esteban Balseiro, Handling Editor
Ecological niche divergence or ecological niche partitioning in a widespread Neotropical bird lineage
"This paper helps to understand the ecological niche divergence within a widespread, pan-American avian lineage."
José Maria Silva, Handling Editor
The role of environmental gradients and microclimates in structuring communities and functional groups of lizards in a rainforest-savanna transition area
"This manuscript is a very interesting contribution to understand assembly of lizard communities in the Amazon, with a very well done experimental design."
Armando Sunny, Handling Editor
Seasonal fluctuations of litter and soil Collembola and their drivers in rainforest and plantation systems
"Due to their size and other aspects of their biology, Collembola are difficult to work with and are often neglected in biodiversity research. However, they play substantial roles in the ecosystem and deserve greater attention in an era of massive anthropogenic ecological change."
Dezene Huber, Handling Editor
Spatial habitat suitability prediction of essential oil wild plants on Indonesia’s degraded lands
"The article discusses how to utilize and restore degraded land to increase land productivity."
Federica Semprucci, Handling Editor
Mammal dung–dung beetle trophic networks: an improved method based on gut-content DNA
"Introducing a new method always has an impact. By showing that the mammalian producers of dung can be identified through sequencing this should lead to advances in the ecology of this area."
Clement Kent, Handling Editor
Emergent trees in Colophospermum mopane woodland: influence of elephant density on persistence versus attrition
"A solid contribution to the general topic of megaherbivore impacts on plant structure"
Richard Cowling, Handling Editor
Biology, ecology, and biogeography of eremic praying mantis Blepharopsis mendica (Insecta: Mantodea)
"The study provides valuable information on the life cycle, behaviour, habitat, and distribution of the enigmatic desert praying mantis Blepharopsis mendica. The manuscript contributes to the understanding of B. mendica and its ecological characteristics."
Mona Hussein, Handling Editor
The vegetation of Holocene coastal dunes of the Cape south coast, South Africa
"Vital biodiversity information for a unique and threatened habitat. Important data for conservation management and planning."
Dezene Huber, Handling Editor

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