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Changes in diversity and community assembly of jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae) after rainforest conversion to rubber and oil palm plantations
Daniel Silva –– This manuscript describes important spider community changes after land-use conversion from rainforest to an oil-palm plantation. It is an important contribution to the fields of arachnology, landscape ecology, and community ecology.
Trophic niche differentiation and utilisation of food resources in Collembola is altered by rainforest conversion to plantation systems
Jörg Oehlmann –– The article contributes to a deeper understanding of trophic levels in tropical habitats which can be affected bei different forestry practices.
Soil properties and root traits jointly shape fine-scale spatial patterns of bacterial community and metabolic functions within a Korean pine forest
Muhammad Riaz –– The manuscript describes the influence of soil properties and root traits on biological functions in forest ecosystem.
Assessment of the impact of land use in an agricultural catchment area on water quality of lowland rivers
Sanket Joshi –– Authors assessed the impact of land use on water quality parameters in an agricultural catchment area of the Orla River in western Poland. Where they reported that Orla catchment were strongly eutrophicated, mainly due to point pollution and surface pollution from agricultural sources - two major causes of water quality deterioration globally.
KEYLINK: towards a more integrative soil representation for inclusion in ecosystem scale models—II: model description, implementation and testing
Robert Björk –– An interesting modelling approach to understand the soil system by including functional diversity, tropic structures and ecological processes.
Does Drosophila sechellia escape parasitoid attack by feeding on a toxic resource?
Claudio Ramirez –– Because it addresses a well known hypothesis of tritrophic interactions
Supraspecific units in correlative niche modeling improves the prediction of geographic potential of biological invasions
Matteo Zucchetta –– This work presents a new approach for projecting potential distribution of invasive species, based on the idea of using supraspecific units for developing correlative ecological niche models
Time of night and moonlight structure vertical space use by insectivorous bats in a Neotropical rainforest: an acoustic monitoring study
Diogo Provete –– uses new techniques to estimate bat richnes in Tropical forests
Translocation of an arctic seashore plant reveals signs of maladaptation to altered climatic conditions
Robert Björk –– A nice study showing how the Siberian primrose (Primula nutans ssp. Finmarchica) is already suffering from adaptational lag due to climate change.
The tale of springs and streams: how different aquatic ecosystems impacted the mtDNA population structure of two riffle beetles in the Western Carpathians
Joseph Gillespie –– Substantial contribution that advances the knowledge on the systematics of two wide ranging aquatic beetles in Europe, which are important indicators of water quality. Interestingly, Pleistocene glaciations are suggested to have shaped the genetic structure of closely related species, illustrating the role of springs as stable environments during glacial periods.

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This article where I contributed in the data processing has been published today in @thePeerJ Thank you to Dr. John Arnould for this opportunity