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Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders



Development of the breastfeeding support scale to measure breastfeeding support from lay and professional persons, and its predictive validity in Japan @thePeerJ

How can a drone-delivered #defibrillator help save lives? Kim et al. present a mixed methods simulation study comparing audio- and video-delivered instructions in dispatcher-assisted cardiopulmonary resuscitation Read the full article #Cardiology #Drone

Well done to @elisioapn for first PhD paper published! 'Effects of exercise training w #bloodflowrestriction on vascular function in adults: a SR + MA' More evidence needed in this space in diff pops @thePeerJ @OHHMarieT @drterryboyle @_HunterBennett_

Heterogeneity of gut microbial responses in healthy household #dogs transitioning from an extruded to a mildly cooked diet @thePeerJ

Iron deficiency anaemia: PeerJLife #Epidemiology #Hematology #Nutrition #Pediatrics #PublicHealth