Bioinformatics and Genomics

Digital Cell Sorter (DCS): a cell type identification, anomaly detection, and Hopfield landscapes toolkit for single-cell transcriptomics
Zhaohui Qin –– A software of potential wide adoption.
Dnajb8, a target gene of SOX30, is dispensable for male fertility in mice
Gary Wessel –– This work clarifies an important and conserved gene function
Genome survey sequencing of the Caribbean spiny lobster Panulirus argus: Genome size, nuclear rRNA operon, repetitive elements, and microsatellite discovery
Jun Chen –– The genomic findings for the Caribbean spiny lobster Panulirus argus will contribute to the understanding of this important species.
Comparing multiple comparisons: practical guidance for choosing the best multiple comparisons test
Jun Chen –– With the increasing dimensionality of the biomedical data, multiple comparisons have been ubiquitous. A thorough investigation of statistical methodologies for multiple comparisons is needed to recommend the best practice to the field.
Identification of significant genes signatures and prognostic biomarkers in cervical squamous carcinoma via bioinformatic data
Jianye Ge –– Excellent and very responsive reviewer
A machine learning framework for the prediction of chromatin folding in Drosophila using epigenetic features
Alexander Bolshoy –– This article serves as a clear application of the methods of machine learning to a very important scientific problem.
Adaptive evolution at mRNA editing sites in soft-bodied cephalopods
Tamar Guy-Haim –– This study presents a theoretical framework that further advances our understanding of the role of RNA editing in the molecular evolution of metazoans
A signature of tumor DNA repair genes associated with the prognosis of surgically-resected lung adenocarcinoma
Cheng Zhan –– This study established a prognostic signature based on the expression of six DNA repair genes to predict the survival of patients with surgically-resected lung adenocarcinoma.
Comprehensive genomic analysis of microenvironment phenotypes in ovarian cancer
Cheng Zhan –– This manuscript investigated the immune phenotypes of ovarian cancer based on TCGA and GEO data. The authors also investigated the mutation and expression related to the immune phenotypes.
Construction and analysis of macrophage infiltration related circRNA-miRNA-mRNA regulatory networks in hepatocellular carcinoma
Cheng Zhan –– This article constructed a circRNA-miRNA-mRNA network in hepatocellular, which is valuable for the researchers focused on circRNA research.
Bioinformatics and Genomics

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